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GoPro takes we surfing in practical existence with latest 360-degree video on …

In September, Facebook launched 360-degree video support, which is ideal for a practical existence headset. GoPro was one of a initial companies to burst on a opportunity, alongside a likes of Discovery, Vice, and Star Wars (yeah, you’ve substantially seen that Star Wars video by now).

On Thursday, GoPro announced a third 360-degree video: surfing in practical existence with Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet. The video recover coincides with Facebook’s announcement on a same day that 360 video support is now rolling out to mobile devices, definition it’s no longer only singular to desktop.

GoPro’s initial 360 video was sand dune jumping with “freeride legend Ronnie Renner FMX,” followed by skiing in Chile, about a week later.

From VentureBeat

“We consider people will share a lot some-more 360 calm in a future, generally as record creates it easier to record it themselves,” Facebook arch executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post announcing a mobile rollout. That proclamation was accompanied with a 360-degree video by ABC News, shot in North Korea.

Last week, Facebook suggested that it was saying some-more than 8 billion video views daily from 500 million users (up 100 percent given April). Brands are clearly penetrating to flow in time, money, and resources to feat a new selling event by leveraging 360/VR videos on a world’s widespread amicable network.

“Viewers will not need a headset to entrance a new GoPro videos on Facebook,” a company said in a release. “People can learn these immersive 360 videos right in News Feed on web, iOS, and Android, where viewers can select what angle they wish to see it from.”

“On a web, a calm can be explored by boring a rodent around a video. On Android and iOS devices, viewers can drag their finger opposite a shade or spin a device on a side to navigate.”

Well, it’s really flattering neat. (Note: a video next doesn’t describe in a mobile browser — yet it does on desktop — so here’s a approach link to be opened adult in a local Facebook app if you’re on mobile.)

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