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Goran Dragic wants out of Phoenix, could Lakers, Knicks be next?

Goran Dragic could be on a pierce this week.  (Getty)
Goran Dragic could be on a pierce this week. (Getty)

USA Today was a initial to news a outcome of a assembly between a Phoenix Suns and their starting indicate ensure Goran Dragic Tuesday night, and a news … is not good for Suns fans.

With a Thursday trade deadline appearing and a transparent summary now sent that Dragic skeleton on personification elsewhere subsequent season, it stays to be seen if Suns ubiquitous manager Ryan McDonough will stoop to a vigour and determine to a deal. The people spoke to USA TODAY Sports on a condition of anonymity since of a attraction of a matter.

The categorical issue, according to one of a people, is that Dragic wants to run his possess group with a kind of leisure and support given to someone like Stephen Curry of a Golden State Warriors. The diminution in prolongation this season, as he sees it, is directly tied to a diminution in time spent as a lead-guard with a horde of ballhandlers that approximate him. Dragic is averaging 16.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 33.4 mins per diversion this season.

via Goran Dragic tells Suns he won’t re-sign after season.

Dragic has reportedly been unfortunate for months, as a further of Isaiah Thomas final summer gave a Suns a logjam and took security divided from Dragic after a dermatitis deteriorate final year. He was particularly deceptive about his giveaway group intentions by a year, while a 3 indicate guards talked consistently about not being gentle as a section together, notwithstanding consistently outscoring their opponent.

With Dragic being a giveaway representative subsequent year, he was in position to surprise a group he won’t return, and induce a trade.

But wait, that’s only a start of a intrigue. Check out a list of teams Dragic is meddlesome in going to, around Yahoo Sports:

After informing a Phoenix Suns that Goran Dragic won’t re-sign an prolongation this summer, representative Bill Duffy delivered a Phoenix Suns a list of elite trade destinations that includes a Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Miami Heat, joining sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Indiana Pacers have confirmed a unchanging seductiveness with Dragic, and their need for a indicate ensure — and ability to be a contender with a lapse of Paul George — creates them a end Dragic could presumably OK, joining sources said.

via Sources: Lakers, Knicks, Heat among Goran Dragic’s elite trade destinations – Yahoo Sports.

There are dual possibilities here.

One, Dragic’s agent, Bill Duffy is regulating a teams in a biggest markets with a many top space to spirit an offer into entrance in for him and force a Suns to make a move.

Two, Dragic has suffered some arrange of mind damage and needs evident mental care. Because no actor should be inventory a Lakers and Knicks as their elite destinations.

A trade with possibly group is tough to suss out, as a Lakers would be resistant to giving adult Julius Randle, and their collect already goes to Phoenix if it’s above a fifth mark this year. Jeremy Lin would fit in as a third ensure in Phoenix’s system, though Lin and a collect doesn’t interpret to Dragic’s value. The Knicks could offer Tim Hardaway Jr. and Andrea Bargnani, in box a Suns only suspicion it would be cold to only get unbelievably worse in a hurry.

Byron Scott’s plodding complement wouldn’t promote Dragic’s skills and putting Dragic in a triangle offense is like regulating a chief arms as a can opener. Sticking Dragic in a dilemma to fire threes takes divided most of what he does best and his positioning on a wing in a Triangle wouldn’t commission his substantial healthy instincts.

The Heat do make some sense, however. Luol Deng, one of their unimpressive indicate guards, and James Ennis along with a collect competence remonstrate a Suns if they were adult opposite a deadline.

The Houston Rockets are pronounced to be undeterred in their pursuit of Dragic, notwithstanding not being on a list of his elite destinations. The thought would be to take a play on convincing Dragic to re-sign but assurances he would do so, and would be a super-aggressive proceed from GM Daryl Morey. But that’s been his increasingly transparent plan, to go all-in with a Harden-Howard core.

Meanwhile, a Suns are put in a terrible position. Leaking a formula of a assembly means that teams know not to give adult substantial resources for Dragic, as he’ll be a giveaway representative if he stays and becomes accessible on a open market. So now a Suns have reduction than 48 hours to finish a understanding for their star indicate ensure in a discontinued marketplace or remove him in giveaway group (and set adult a really ungainly second half of a season). So that’s not great.

If zero else, a list of Dragic’s elite teams shows how large markets will sojourn attractive, no matter how bad things get. It’s a shame; a Suns were fun and constrained with Dragic and Bledsoe on a floor. But Dragic clearly has bigger skeleton for his career.

Things are about to get really engaging in a Valley of a Suns.

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