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Gov’t not doing adequate on meridian change: poll

Overall, 90.7 percent of a open believes that meridian change is now underway and 65.3 percent trust a supervision does not compensate it adequate attention. Moreover, as many as 85.4 percent of a open feel that supervision efforts to urge appetite potency and revoke CO emissions have been deficient and that it is therefore incompetent to lessen a impacts of meridian change on Taiwan.

Regarding a consequences of meridian change, 50.8 percent of a open feel that Taiwan is a center risk country. The consult formula prove that 68.3 percent of a open trust that to accommodate destiny appetite requirements, Taiwan should initial rest on renewable appetite sources such as solar power, hydroelectricity and breeze power, while 40.7 percent of a open voiced support for completing construction on a Fourth Nuclear Power Plant if it can approve with reserve considerations. About 55 percent conflict chief power, representing a 4.4-percent decrease in support from final year’s figures.

With courtesy to support for open policies, 84.8 percent of a open support legislation for a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Bill, thereby heading to shortening domestic CO dioxide emissions. At a same time, 46.7 percent voiced support for a process of levying an appetite tax.

In an bid to exercise a polluter pays principle, 36 percent of those surveyed pronounced it is suitable to lift pricing for electricity and gas. About 85.2 percent support a government’s process of charity subsidies for purchases of appetite fit products.

The consult also found that 41.4 percent of a open trust that their function is in line with efforts to grasp appetite potency and CO reduction, while 78.4 percent of a open voiced a eagerness to compensate additional costs to make their homes some-more appetite fit and environmentally friendly.

The TAISE survey, consecrated by a Trendgo Research Co., was conducted between Feb. 10 and 16, 2014, by telephoning a pointless representation of 1,099 locals over a age 18, with a certainty turn of 95 percent and a sampling blunder of within and and reduction 2.96 commission points.

Article source: http://www.chinapost.com.tw/business/asia-taiwan/2014/04/28/406344/Govt-not.htm

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