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GreenTech Automotive opens new trickery in Tunica County



TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — A association once underneath sovereign review for a business practices non-stop a doors on Wednesday in Tunic County, Mississippi.

GreenTech Automotive is looking to make a hole in a tellurian immature automobile marketplace and pierce past bungle allegations.

The automotive manufacturer cut a badge to a new start, and work was already underway inside .

“This has been a tour for this project,” Lyn Arnold, boss and CEO of a Tunica County Chamber and Economical Development Foundation, said.

The company’s tour has not always been easy.

More than dual years ago, a whistleblower told WREG he didn’t make any cars while operative during a company’s former plant in Horn Lake.

A sovereign review also looked into a company’s use of visas that authorised foreigners to live in a United States.

“The allegations are in a past.  Let’s conduct toward a future,” Terey Agner, plant manager during GTA, said.

The association welcomed a review and told WREG final year they have been doing a right things and following all of a guidelines.

“We’re building cars. The explanation is in a pudding right behind me,” Agner said. “Cars are being built, jobs are being created. So from that mount point, we’re here.”

GreenTech is building MyCar, a two-seat Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).

“It is 100 percent electric car. It runs on lithium ion batteries. So, it’s a genuine special, fun automobile for large cities right now, for retirement communities,” Agner said.

The cars are being done by some-more than 50 employees. Many of a employees hired by a plant live in Mississippi.

The Tunica County Chamber pronounced a association and jobs were indispensable for a changing landscape of a town.

“We’re transitioning rather from a casino attention into some-more production and things like that. So it’s really critical to us,” Arnold said.

GreenTech pronounced they have never listened anything behind from a feds on a investigation, including if it was ever closed.

The automotive association is carrying a pursuit satisfactory on Nov 1 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The association will be looking to fill between 40 and 50 new positions.

Article source: http://wreg.com/2014/10/22/greentech-automotive-opens-new-facility-in-tunica-county/

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