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Grey’s Anatomy postmortem: Kevin McKidd on Owen’s beef with Riggs

Warning: This story contains vital spoilers from Thursday’s partial of Grey’s Anatomy. Read during your possess risk!

Grey Sloan got another new alloy that one of a possess hates!

After bringing in a lady who killed Derek Shepherd, a powers that be during Grey’s Anatomy have combined Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) to a sanatorium payroll — and Owen (Kevin McKidd) is not happy about it. Why? Owen won’t even tell his ladyfriend Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) a reason. But we do know that these dual both hailed from a Army and they share a past that torments Owen. To get insight, EW incited to McKidd:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Owen is flattering indignant that Riggs has come to work during Grey Sloan. What’s his mindset right now?
It’s brought adult a lot of things for Owen. It unequivocally triggers him. He’s not prepared to speak about it, though something apparently awful and awful has happened between he and Riggs. We will find that out. we can’t tell we what that is, since that would spoil it. But it unequivocally triggers a lot of that dark[ness]. we adore removing to play that. Owen’s during his best infrequently when he’s in his darkest and twistiest state. This unequivocally gets him there. It’s a large shot of a past that comes behind to unequivocally light Owen.

He’s not being unequivocally receptive during all, with good reason. Once it all comes out — and it’s going to take a while for a whole law to come out — it’s distinct since Owen’s being this way. But it’s unequivocally mysterious. It’s cold to get to play this things since it’s a new square of Owen’s past that we haven’t seen before. It’s apparently unequivocally personal, and it’s going to irradiate a lot about a character. I’m unequivocally vehement about all that. It’s a cold approach to assistance deliver a Nathan character.

Is there anything we can provoke to a spin of what we’re traffic with here?
All I’ll contend is it’s life and death. It’s a life and genocide thing.

Is this something that Owen could’ve played a purpose in, and that’s what’s spiteful him so much?
Maybe, though not definitely.

When will we indeed get some-more information?
The assembly will unequivocally get some-more information subsequent week. We’re going to get more, though not all of it, and not a pivotal elements to it. We’re going to get unequivocally engaging hints subsequent week, and hints that people will be means to lift their possess conclusions. The tangible spelling out of what happens is going to be saved until we come back.

Will Owen’s disregard for Riggs cap in a earthy rumpus between them?
The tragedy between them unequivocally gets to a indicate that there could be that, it could brief over into that. It’s prohibited adequate that it could.

Why can’t Owen even spin to Amelia about this?
This is a approach Owen deals with things when things are bad. He turns in on himself and shuts down. we don’t consider it’s since he doesn’t trust her. It’s only utterly that he’s spiteful so most right now that he’s sealed ranks on himself. It’s a unequivocally masculine thing to do, to totally clam up. It will come out when he’s prepared for it to come out. Obviously it does some repairs to him and Amelia, since she wants to assistance and he slams a doorway in her face essentially. He’s not being rational, he’s not unequivocally in his right mind. When he calms down, he and Amelia will reconnect.

What does their attribute demeanour like relocating forward?
It’s still this lift and pull. Me and Caterina keep saying, “Wow, we’ve been dating for like 3 years now, and all we do is reason hands.” [Laughs] They’re a slowest going integrate ever. There’s unequivocally going to be some transformation with them, that I’m vehement about. we know Caterina is. we like a fact that there unequivocally is this delayed sketch of them together. They both have had a lot of repairs in their pasts. we like a fact that it honors that for both a characters. we adore operative with her. She’s amazing. The chemistry works unequivocally well. We’re going to see a lot some-more of those dual in a behind half of a season.

April (Sarah Drew) unequivocally brought Riggs here, so is Owen going to confront her during all over this?
I consider that’s a apart issue. we don’t consider he feels any profanation on Kepner’s partial for doing that, since she innocently met him when she was over there. It’s only a fluke that happens to backfire. we don’t consider he’s built that approach that he would be distressing toward her.

How does Owen feel about Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Riggs operative together?
They have some flattering burning moments, since Riggs is entrance into her domain as another cardiothoracic attending. That is melancholy for her. That’s unequivocally igniting for them both. It’ll be engaging to see where that attribute leads, since they’re both during a tip of their game. The law is, it’s a immeasurable hospital, and they need some-more than one cardiothoracic surgeon. There’s some-more than adequate room for two, though we get, in those initial moments, since Maggie is utterly threatened.

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Article source: http://www.ew.com/article/2015/11/12/greys-anatomy-kevin-mckidd-owen-riggs-spoilers

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