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Grimes Enlists Vampiric Cyberpunks for ‘Kill V. Maim’ Video

Montreal art-pop star Claire Boucher, AKA Grimes, expelled the new video for her punchy single, “Kill V. Maim” off her fourth full-length album, Art Angels. The musician destined a video alongside her hermit Mac, who also filmed a decadent clip for “Flesh Without Blood/Life in a Vivid Dream.”

Shot in Toronto, a video harks behind to a Neo Tokyo cityscapes of Akira, from a grubby subway hire to slick, neon-lit highways. Sprinkled with Boucher’s cutesy, charcterised line drawings, she wreaks massacre with a container of vampiric cyberpunks via town, intimidating viewers with an arsenal of cruel looks, culminating in a sexy subterraneous blood rave.

The images are especially fitting for a brackish, horror house track about Al Pacino’s Godfather Pt. 2 character, rewritten as a genderbending vampire. “I’m not categorically religious,” Grimes told Rolling Stone last year. ”But we consider this manuscript is about God. I feel lot some-more in hold with something frightful and omnipotent.”

Article source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/watch-grimes-gritty-video-for-kill-v-maim-20160119

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