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Guatemalan ex-president jailed after abdication as deputy takes office

GUATEMALA CITY – Otto Perez Molina spent his initial night as an ex-president in troops control following a ancestral day in that he quiescent and Guatemala’s Congress swore in Vice-President Alejandro Maldonado to offer a residue of his term.

The decider conference a crime and rascal review opposite Perez Molina systematic a former boss hold in control until a conference reconvened Friday morning. Perez Molina left a probity underneath complicated troops ensure and was after seen entering a troops fort in a capital.

Shortly after holding a promise of bureau Thursday, Maldonado demanded that ministers and tip officials contention their resignations so he could form a transition supervision and betrothed an honest and thorough administration.

Reaching out to protesters who took to a streets opposite a country’s confirmed corruption, he vowed to leave “a bequest of honesty” and revive faith in Guatemala’s democracy in his brief few months in office.

“You can’t cruise your work done,” Maldonado pronounced in remarks directed during all those perfectionist change. “In what is left of this year, there contingency be a certain response.”

The rare domestic play was a consummate of a week in that Perez Molina was nude of his shield from prosecution, forlorn by pivotal members of his Cabinet and saw his jailed former vice-president systematic to mount hearing – all only days before Sunday’s choosing to select his successor.

Perez Molina seemed in probity Thursday to face accusations that he was concerned in a intrigue in that businesspeople paid bribes to equivocate import duties by Guatemala’s etiquette agency. He is a initial Guatemalan boss to resign.

Judge Miguel Angel Galvez systematic Perez Molina’s apprehension citing a need to “ensure a smoothness of a hearing” and pledge a ex-president’s safety.

Perez Molina, 64, has resolutely confirmed his ignorance and reiterated his eagerness to face a review head-on.

“I have always pronounced we will honour due process,” he said. “I do not have a smallest goal of withdrawal a country.”

Earlier he told The Associated Press during a mangle in a probity record that a routine had been “very hard, really difficult,” and that he could have derailed a examine though did not.

“I had things we could have done,” Perez Molina said. “I could have transposed a prosecutor, we could have dug in.”

Uncovered by prosecutors and a UN elect famous as CICIG, that is questioning rapist networks in a country, a etiquette crime liaison concerned a intrigue famous as “La Linea,” or “The Line.” It is believed to have defrauded a state of millions of dollars.

A flourishing criticism transformation brought together Guatemalans from all walks of life, from business leaders to Roman Catholic Church officials, to direct that Perez Molina step down as a rascal examine stretched to implicate some-more officials.

Ex-Vice-President Roxana Baldetti’s former personal secretary was named as a purported ringleader and is a fugitive. Baldetti, who quiescent May 8 and is now jailed and confronting charges, also maintains her innocence.

Analysts pronounced a events of a final few days have dealt a pivotal blow to crime in a republic and increased a order of law.

“The categorical cause is a existence of CICIG operative with a Guatemalan prosecutor to make a (prosecutor’s office) a clever and able institution,” pronounced Cynthia Arnson, executive of a Latin American Program during a Wilson Center in Washington.

“The renouned protests were a product of a revelations of a final months, though but an eccentric physique with genuine ability to examine and come adult with evidence, we wouldn’t see a same kind of maturation unfolding,” Arnson said.

Heavy rains prevented a kind of mass open celebrations seen progressing this week when Congress carried Perez Molina’s shield of office. Some drivers honked horns, and sparse bands of immature people illuminated firecrackers. Many in Guatemala City watched a former boss being taken to jail on TVs in bars and stores.

“What they should have finished with a boss is send him to a common prison, where they would send me if we stole a crate of milk,” pronounced Agustin Monterroso, a 19-year-old candy businessman who took cover from a torrent in a doorway to a restaurant. “And he should give behind a money.”

Maldonado, a 79-year-old regressive former high probity justice, has served as Guatemala’s unfamiliar apportion and in ambassadorial posts.

He also before headed Guatemala’s top probity where he presided over much-debated decisions like a one not to extradite former tyrant Efrain Rios Montt to face genocide, woe and terrorism charges in Spain.

He due 3 possibilities to reinstate him as vice-president: Raquel Zelaya, boss of a regressive think-tank and signatory to 1990s assent accords that finished Guatemala’s polite war; Juan Alberto Fuentes Soria, a former university provost; and Gabriel Medrano, another educational and ex-Supreme Court president.

The shortlist will be sent to Congress on Monday.

Maldonado will expected sojourn in bureau until a leader of arriving elections is inaugurated Jan. 14, 2016.

The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala pronounced in a matter that it would work with a new boss and congratulated a Central American republic for doing a predicament peacefully. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pronounced he was wakeful of Guatemalans’ enterprise to strengthen institutions and a order of law, and called for ease during Sunday’s election.

The initial turn pits a rich businessman and politician opposite 13 other candidates, including a comedian with no domestic experience, a former initial lady and a daughter of Rios Montt, who now faces a genocide hearing in his home country. If nothing of a possibilities reaches 50 per cent, a runoff will be hold Oct. 25.

Article source: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/guatemalan-ex-president-jailed-after-resignation-as-replacement-takes-office-1.2547769

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