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H. Juergen Krenzien, 1928–2014

H. Juergen Krenzien, a former owners of Paul Klein Travel in Chicago and a sought-after confidant on oppulance travel, had a customer list that enclosed members of some of Chicago’s many distinguished families.

“He’d been everywhere a traveler could ever dream of, and nonetheless he still had that wanderlust,” pronounced his son, Tim. “He was always acid for some new, outlandish locale, and frequency would lapse to a same place twice — no matter how beautiful. One of his favorite lines was, ‘Been there, finished that!’”

Mr. Krenzien, 85, of Frankfort and before of Olympia Fields, died Wednesday, Jun 18, during his home of an apparent heart attack, family members said.

“He was a lady and a good male to do business with,” pronounced longtime crony Rex Fritschi, owners and former owners of Rex Travel in Chicago. “I was in a same line of work, so we would know. He was reliable and noncompromising. What he betrothed to his clients, he delivered on.”

A German immigrant, Mr. Krenzien had been to all 7 continents, visiting some-more than 160 countries. Family members pronounced he crisscrossed a United States countless times, was among a initial to fly a Concorde after a supersonic transport’s entrance moody in 1969 and had desired thoroughfare on a final sailings of a sea liners Constitution, Royal Viking Star and Cunard’s strange Queen Mary.

“One of his best memories was drifting on a Concorde and celebrating New Year’s Eve 3 times as it circled a globe,” his son said.

Mr. Krenzien was a first member of Allied Travel Inc., now famous as Virtuoso, a oppulance transport networking organisation with a membership of some-more than 340 transport agencies in 20 countries. He was a usually allocated lifetime member of a group’s On-Site Committee, that selects belligerent operators who offer all over a world.

“He was a good coach to me, a male with an implausible clarity of adventure, who hold a attention to a top standards,” pronounced Matthew Upchurch, a longtime CEO of Virtuoso.

Upchurch removed a outing to Turkey with Mr. Krenzien and a few other colleagues, several years after he had turn a conduct of Virtuoso.

“We were all sitting in this small grill in Istanbul carrying dinner, and out of nowhere Juergen turns to me and says, ‘You’re doing a good job, Matt. we consider you’re going to make it.’”

“That done me laugh, though it also done me so proud. I’d gotten a Juergen sign of approval!”

Born in Rostock, Germany, Mr. Krenzien was in his teenagers when his family changed to Munich, where he complicated art story and broadcasting during a University of Munich. He immigrated to a United States in 1954, and, after a few months in New York, came to Chicago, where he fast landed a pursuit as a front table clerk during a Edgewater Beach Hotel.

“He met some of a biggest stars in Hollywood operative there,” his son said. “They’d be roving opposite nation and do a discerning overnight in Chicago, before boarding their trains behind to California. He’d check them in that night and afterwards check them out a subsequent morning.”

Looking for a career in a transport industry, Mr. Krenzien took a pursuit as a consultant with a Chicago Motor Club in a general transport department, that he went on to conduct for some-more than 10 years. In 1969, he was offering a partnership in Paul Klein Travel by a founder, Paul Klein, that he accepted. He became a solitary owners of a group in 1986.

In 1999, Mr. Krenzien late though continued entrance into a bureau on a part-time basement after offered a group to his son, Tim, who now heads adult a business.

“He knew his approach around each vital rail hire and airfield and saw some-more airlines come and go than many of us will ever fly on,” his son. “Traveling a universe was like a outing around a retard for him.”

Mr. Krenzien also is survived by dual grandchildren. He was preceded in genocide by his mother of 48 years, Katarina, in 2003.

Services were held.

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