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Hairgate affects some iPhone 6 users; Galaxy Note 4 bustling in Gapgate

Following the Apple iPhone 6 Plus’ Bendgate issue, now some iPhone users face a new uncanny problem – their hair gets held when creation calls on their smartphone. Now, a idle use of adding “gate” to indicate this controversy, users posted with hashtags like #Seamgate, #Beardgate or #Hairgate along with their iPhone 6 issues.iphone-6-hairgate

Few of a amicable media posts advise that even a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users face a identical kind of problem, blaming the device’s support and arrangement potion that are placed with a tiny opening – – used #Gapgate here!

Initially, Apple’s big-sized iPhone 6 Plus concerned in a debate of #Bendgate, where many users reported a tortuous of their Apple phablet when kept in their back pocket. Later, Apple expelled a statement observant that usually 8-9 users faced this problem and a association has also expelled a video where it justifies a indignant users.

Users face issues like removing their hair/beard held between a little seam between a aluminium physique and arrangement potion of iPhone 6. The smartphone even pulls a hair out when a users mislay their iPhones from a ear to finish a call.

The many critical partial of these issues is a entrance of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Following a viral news of iPhone 6 Plus’ bending issue, Samsung indirectly mocked Apple’s Bendgate in a Galaxy Note 4 hook exam video. However, it seems a Galaxy Note 4 itself gets concerned in a debate over a opening between a support and arrangement glass. Not to forget, Blackberry had also mocked Apple during a launch of a new Passport by observant that it does not bend.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users forked out that a device has a large opening where “even a business card” gets propitious in. Samsung fast jumped out to recover a matter observant that this opening will not impact a peculiarity and a functionality of a smartphone.

An Official Samsung orator told Trusted Reviews:

“The reported emanate does not impact a functionality or peculiarity of a Galaxy Note 4. We assure a business that all Galaxy Note 4 units accommodate a despotic production and peculiarity control standards.”

Now that a iPhone 6 users started angry about a hair-stuck problem, many some-more users competence start angry about a same emanate in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 phablets too. Have we gifted a #Hairgate emanate on your new iPhone or Samsung smartphone yet?

Watch this central video posted by Samsung, that shows we a hook exam of Galaxy Note 4:

Article source: http://thenextdigit.com/12724/hairgate-affects-iphone-6-users-galaxy-note-4-busy-gapgate/

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