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Hands on: Huawei P8 examination | TrustedReviews

Huawei P8: First Impressions

The Android phone marketplace total a integrate of large name new entries in new weeks, in a form of a HTC One M9 and a Samsung Galaxy S6. Having intentionally reason behind to equivocate a mob of competition, Huawei’s latest high-end offering, a Huawei P8, has assimilated a fray.

Having forsaken a predecessor’s ‘Ascend’ prefix, a P8 is hopefully a pointer of things to come from a Chinese manufacturer. The handset highlights a company’s high-end intentions, with a 6.4mm thick steel physique and sizeable facilities list that includes an OIS-enhanced 13-megapixel camera and 64-bit processor.

Is Huawei finally a reward smartphone actor that can be reason in a same exhale as Apple and Samsung? we went hands-on with a P8 to find out.

Watch a Huawei P8 hands-on video below

Huawei P8: Design

Visually a P8, that will set wannabe owners behind €499 (£358), is not too separate to final year’s Huawei Ascend P7. It’s not a prototype that it many closely resembles, however.

I can’t assistance feel that there is a graphic atmosphere of a iPhone about a device. The steel corroborated finish, with tip and bottom receiver bands is an alliance of sorts of a iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 – with a bit of a Sony Xperia Z3 thrown in for good measure.

Potential piracy aside, a P8 is a beautifully designed product. At usually 6.4mm thick, it is unequivocally slight, nonetheless not unnervingly so. The phone’s steel unibody build is solid. There’s no undue hook or flex and a somewhat winding edges means it’s gentle to hold.

The handset binds a 144g weight well, too. we found a phone to be good balanced, with a brushed steel finish giving it a appreciative volume of grip. The P8 is being offering adult in 4 colours on day one, silver, grey, black and Champaign (white).

After an hour with a device, we would go as distant as to advise this is a best looking phone Huawei has done to date. The finish ticks all a mandate of a high-end device, and, pleasingly, this clever start continues underneath a surface.

Huawei P8: Screen

Despite many of a rivals relocating to QHD screens, Huawei has persevered with a attempted and tested 1080p Full HD panel. we unequivocally don’t mind this, though. It’s a appealing shade and a reduce fortitude should urge battery life.

Colours are colourful and images pin sharp. If Full HD screens can be this good, I’m not unfortunate to pierce to a QHD row usually yet.

It helps that a shade totally dominates a design. Echoing a LG G3, Huawei has reduced a P8’s bezels to nearby nothingness. The ‘frameless’ arrangement accounts for 78.3 per cent of a phone’s face, a best shade to handset ratio on a marketplace according to Huawei.

This unequivocally helps a FHD row pop. During early use we also found a shade to be manageable to all a hold shade commands we could chuck a way. Even Huawei’s new knuckle hold – that allows we to use your knuckles to explain screens – worked well.

Huawei P8: Features

Delving deeper, a P8 is no slouch. Overlooking a mainstream likes of a Qualcomm 810, Huawei has bestowed a flagship phone with a possess 64-bit tradition chip, a Kirin 930. This octa-core processor is built around big.LITTLE architecture, definition it should yield copiousness of energy though being too tough on a battery.

This is interconnected with 3GB of RAM and a choice of 16GB or 64GB of inner storage, expandable around microSD. There are also singular SIM and dual-SIM iterations of a device.

During my time with a P8, we found a handset to underline some-more than adequate estimate energy for customary use. Given a stipulations of my exam period, however, we was incompetent to put it by a paces on a gaming front. As such, serve contrast is compulsory before settlement can be upheld on a handset’s estimate prowess.

The phone’s improvements aren’t hardware singular either; Huawei’s Emotion UI has been serve grown too. A long-standing bugbear of a company’s handsets, a Android skin is some-more polished and worldly than on past inclination interjection to a few tweaks. Overlaid on Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, a P8’s interface also facilities clever customisation options interjection to a preference of transmutable themes.

All of these facilities need a good energy supply; opportunely this is lonesome by a 2600mAh Lithium battery. Huawei predicts this will absolutely capacitate 1.5 days of ‘standard’ use. Again, however, given my singular time with a device, serve contrast is compulsory before we can endorse these claims.

Huawei P8: Camera

2015 looks set to be a year that smartphone cameras unequivocally come to a fore, and Huawei is looking to get in on a act during a belligerent floor. A vital concentration for a P8, a handset facilities a 13-megapixel, OIS-enhanced primary camera serve extended by a new 4-colour RGBW sensor, twin peep and an eccentric Image Signal Processor.

From my brief play with a phone, these advancements demeanour to have total to furnish a handset with clever detailed capabilities. Tested in splendid sunshine, a P8 rubbed areas of light and shade with equal aplomb, struggling usually in a many approach light. For a infancy of a representation shots, there were no white change concerns or focussing issues.

A accumulation of new sharpened modes – from Time Lapse to Light Painting – have also been thrown into a mix. Further dedicated camera tests are indispensable before a full outcome can placed on a P8’s imaging abilities, though.

Up front, a secondary, 8-megapixel selfie shooter takes honour of place. Yet another manufacturer to burst on a selfie bandwagon, Huawei has bestowed a P8 with a preference of opposite self-centredness shot options. The Group Selfie mode – that is radically a scenery underline – is usually fine. The ‘Perfect Selfie’ option, however, is somewhat ridiculous.

In essence, a Perfect Selfie underline is a approach of creation we demeanour some-more attractive. A preference of scalable controls concede we to rectify form shots in a series of ways – from smoothing out blemishes to shred a bit off that second chin. The result? Weird visitor heads that are overly smoothed and clearly doctored. That and a miss of self-esteem.

This appears to be one of a few disastrous on an differently considerable device.

Early Verdict

Huawei is circumference closer to high-end success. On initial impressions a P8 competence not worry a S6 or iPhone 6 usually yet, nonetheless it’s a whole lot closer than a company’s past efforts.

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