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Hands On With a Google Nexus 9

The new Nexus 9 inscription will lift a dwindle for Google’s new Android 5.0 “Lollipop” OS. Just like prior Nexus devices, a Nexus 9 isn’t a thinnest or a cheapest Android tablet. But it’s positively a Googliest, and that might make it a cult hit.

The $399 Nexus 9 is finished by HTC, and it has a high-quality fit and finish we pattern from that manufacturer. The pattern isn’t bleeding-edge – there’s a poignant bezel around a 8.9-inch, 2,048-by-1,536 screen, for instance. That arrangement is a decent LCD, pointy yet but a extraordinary glowiness we find on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S line.

Google Nexus 9 by HTC

Google Nexus 9 Back

Google Nexus 9 Edge

Google Nexus 9 Corner

Google Nexus 9 Box

Google Nexus 9 Apps

Google App on Nexus 9

The physique is firmly built and slim (although not as slim as Samsung’s or Apple’s latest entries.) They keep it parsimonious by sealing in a battery and incompatible a MicroSD label slot, that we know will get churned reviews. (The $399 cost is for a 16GB unit; a 32GB unit, that we should substantially buy, costs $479.)

I like a soft-touch back, that reminded me of Amazon’s new Fire HDX 8.9; this inscription will be easy to hang on to and won’t slip off tables. The 8-megapixel camera protrudes usually a small bit from a corner, like a iPhone 6 camera.

The Nexus 9 revisits uneasy belligerent for Google and HTC, a manufacturer. HTC hasn’t finished a inscription given a 7-inch Flyer in 2011, that ironically unsuccessful in partial since a chronicle of Android wasn’t designed good for tablets. Google’s final gash during a vast inscription was a Nexus 10, that struggled in partial since it was intensely cart during launch.

So many of my questions here have to do with Android 5.0′s fortitude and speed, and what a inscription can do with a adorned Nvidia K1 processor. The Nexus 9 is a second inscription to use a K1 after a Nvidia Shield Tablet, and a Shield Tablet’s opening was excellent, generally a gaming performance. The inscription we was handling, unfortunately, had not-ready-for-primetime program – some built-in apps were usually stubs, debugging collection were still visible, and when we ran a browser benchmark, a formula didn’t seem valid.

On a surface, during least, Lollipop looks new, shiny, and gorgeous. The high-res icons have a discriminating glaze to them, and Google has changed even some-more aggressively towards abstraction. Some of those pattern choices gave me unequivocally churned feelings – a Lollipop keyboard, for instance, with a peculiar gray space key. But it’s bold, that’s for sure.

In 15 mins with a pre-release device, we can unequivocally usually start to figure out if it feels cheap. The Nexus 9 doesn’t, and we wouldn’t pattern an HTC device to feel cheap. The OS will have to do a complicated lifting of creation a Nexus 9 compelling, though. There are already some unequivocally good Android tablets on a marketplace – a Shield Tablet and a Galaxy Tab S are both glorious devices. Lollipop will have to journey with well-spoken magnificence on this inscription to make a mark.

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