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Hands-On With a New Plex App for a Apple TV

Earlier this week, Plex expelled a rarely expected app for a tvOS App Store, creation Plex strictly accessible on a Apple TV for a initial time. Given Plex’s popularity, we motionless to check out a new app and do a discerning video overview for those who competence be meddlesome in removing a new Apple TV to use with Plex.

Plex is a media server and personal library that’s means to classify a media stored on your computer, like videos, TV shows, music, and tide that calm to iOS devices, a Apple TV, and other set-top boxes.

When we implement Plex and let it classify your content, it’ll supplement design to movies, TV shows, and music, along with information like expel members, tract summaries, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. On a Apple TV, this turns into a easily orderly media library that mostly resembles iTunes or Netflix.

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Plex has been accessible for a prolonged time on set-top inclination like a Chromecast and a Fire TV, though it has not formerly been accessible on comparison versions of a Apple TV in an central capacity. Those who have jailbroken an Apple TV in a past have been means to unofficially implement a Plex software.

The Plex app for a Apple TV can be downloaded from a tvOS App Store. The app is giveaway to download, and distinct a iOS chronicle does not need a $4.99 in-app squeeze or Plex Pass subscription to clear functionality. Apple TV and iOS App Store apps are universal, so if you’ve already downloaded a app for iOS, it can be found in a Purchases territory of a tvOS App Store. [Direct Link]

Article source: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/11/06/plex-app-for-new-apple-tv/

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