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Have Bike — Will Travel. Top Trips for Cyclists From a Tour de France Vet

Have Bike — Will Travel. Top Trips for Cyclists From a Tour de France Vet

George Hincapie rode in a Tour de France 17 times (Photo: Hotel Domestique)

Bicyclists have spin a prohibited new shred in a tourism industry. Cyclists are constantly on a surveillance for locales with tough rides, overwhelming views, mild motorists, and good places to eat and relax.

George Hincapie should know. He’s been all over a universe as a veteran U.S. cyclist. He rode in a Tour de France 17 times, many of them alongside Lance Armstrong (Hincapie writes about the doping liaison and a finish of his possess cycling career in his new book, “The Loyal Lieutenant”). After withdrawal a competition in 2012, Hincapie, a internal of Queens, NY, went in an astonishing direction: He changed down south and non-stop Hotel Domestique in Travelers Rest, South Carolina (just outward of Greenville).  


From cyclist to hotelier: George Hincapie’s Hotel Domestique brings a European season to South Carolina (Photo: Hotel Domestique)

“I suspicion it was such a special place,” Hincapie says of his new home, that reminds him of a European villages he used to fly through during his races. “I unequivocally favourite a fact that if we took a shot of it and didn’t tell someone where it was, they would theory it was in Tuscany since of a views and vineyards.”


Hincapie’s hotel is cyclist-friendly, though non-cyclists are acquire too (Photo: Hotel Domestique)

Hincapie is discerning to note his hotel isn’t a cyclists-only destination. “We have a really top-notch cook in-house,” he says. “We’re building a booze module as we speak. So we unequivocally make it a food and booze end as well.” Still, his hotel is clearly cyclist-friendly. “We have a let bike swift so we don’t have to move your bike. Just move your boots and cycling kit. Kind of like a ski-in, ski-out chalet.”

Having raced via a world, Hincapie knows a thing or dual about good places to go cycling. Here are his tip spots:

Villefranche-sur-Mer, French Riviera


Three countries in one bike ride? You can do it with a bicycle vacation in Villefranche-sur-Mer (Photo: Thinkstock)

Why it’s good for cyclists: The general variety. “The singular thing about roving here is we can fundamentally float in 3 opposite countries,” Hincapie says. “You can start in France, float into Monaco — that is only a integrate of miles prolonged — go into Italy, and afterwards spin around and go behind to France. It’s not a tough ride. Also the scenery is substantially a prettiest in a world.”

And if you’re cycling here, you’re cycling with a pros. “On any given day, you’ll see a handful of professional cyclists riding around since there are several that live within that area between Nice and Monaco.”

Where to stay: You can’t go wrong staying in town. “Villefranche is a unequivocally tiny fishing town,” Hincapie says. “The people are unequivocally accessible and there are good restaurants there as well.” He also likes some of a surrounding areas too. “Ville de Èze is a pleasing tiny encampment right above Nice. It’s a unequivocally cold city to go check out.”  

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Napa, California


The vineyards make for poetic biking in Napa (but if you’re going to representation a internal product, do it AFTER your float (Photo: Justin Kruger/Flickr)

Why it’s good for cyclists:  “Along with a good vineyards, there are unequivocally difficult, high climbs that concede for some tough riding,” Hincapie says. “There’s a large cycling village and several bike lanes that are always useful for cyclists.”

Where to stay: ”Solage Calistoga is substantially one of a nicer hotels there.”

Advice to vacationing cyclists: It might seem obvious, though don’t go cycling after furloughed a vineyards. “I’ve finished that — substantially not a smartest thing,” laughs Hincapie. As he does with his other endorsed cycling spots, Hincapie suggests we bond with a local cycling group (they’re all easy to find online). Plus, he advises: “A internal beam can assistance we find a best roads.”

Malibu, California


Malibu isn’t only for beach going. There’s some good cycling there as good (Photo: Thinkstock)

Why it’s good for cyclists: “The view is beautiful,” Hincapie says. “You have a oceans and the mountains. But a lot of people don’t realize that once we go adult those mountains, a roving is unequivocally incredible. You have tough turf and not most trade when we get divided from a coast. The continue is good year-round, and there’s a great cycling community there as well.”

Where to stay: Don’t ask Hincapie. “I customarily stay during a friend’s house,” he says with a laugh.

Advice to vacationing cyclists: Steer transparent of Malibu’s famous ascent, a Rock Store Climb, on a weekends. “There’s a lot of motorcycle trade then.”

Tuscany, Italy


The biggest problem about bicycling in Tuscany? The consistent enticement to stop and admire a view (Photo: Thinkstock)

Why it’s good for cyclists: Because it’s Tuscany! “I love a vineyards in Tuscany — we adore a food there,” Hincapie says. And the riding is flattering good, too. “Lots of roads stand adult these tiny Italian villages. That’s since racing in Tuscany was always unequivocally difficult: since we always had to competition up these mountain towns.” But he says tourists have it easier. “If you’re there as a infrequent cyclist, it’d be a lot easier to float adult these plateau to go there to have a potion of booze and a good meal.”

Where to stay: Hincapie doesn’t know; each time he’s been to Tuscany, it was for a race. “I definitely want to go there as a infrequent cyclist and suffer all the scenery I wasn’t means to when we was racing,” Hincapie says.

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Lake Annecy, France


Want to estimate a Tour de France ride? Lake Annecy’s a place to do it (Photo: www.instants-cyclistes.fr/Flickr)

Why it’s good for cyclists: “It’s some of a best roving in a world,” Hincapie says. And if we wish to pretend you’re in a Tour de France, this is a place to do it.  “The Tour de France always went nearby Lake Annecy,” Hincapie remembers. “It’s a beautiful lake. You can do a prosaic around a whole lake and suffer a scenery. Or we can confirm to go off of that highway and stand adult some of those iconic Tour de France climbs.

Where to stay: “If it was me, we would stay right in a city since it’s a beautiful city with lots of shops and bars and cafés. It’s also unequivocally easy to get out of town, where there are lots of activities. On a lake, there’s a kids’ park, so if we have tiny children, we can go there and suffer a H2O slides.”

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Girona, Spain 


You’re never distant from a good biking highway in Girona (Photo: Miquel C./Flickr)

Why it’s good for cyclists: Girona is nearby and dear to Hincapie’s heart. “I lived there for over 10 years and we unequivocally enjoyed it,” he says. “It’s a unequivocally chronological town, lots of things to see.”

Needless to say, there’s a lot for cyclists as well. “Tons of roads, lots of climbs,” Hincapie says. “You can be in downtown Girona, bound on your bike and in about 3 miles you’re in a nation roving a mountain, or roving on a prosaic highway in a center of nowhere.”

Where to stay: He cites Hotel Historic as a good option. 

Advice to vacationing cyclists: “There are bike debate groups there,” Hincapie says. “If we don’t know anything about Girona, we can offshoot adult with them. There are tons of cyclists, so we aren’t alone when we go there to ride, that’s for sure.”

Greenville, South Carolina


Greenville’s good bike paths and European-style view are since Hincapie now hangs his helmet there (Photo: Hotel Domestique)

Why it’s good for cyclists: The other locations are great, though there’s a reason this New York-born oldster of a European cycling circuit chose to make his retirement home in a doubtful cycling mecca of South Carolina. “I unequivocally suffer roving here,” Hincapie says of Greenville, where he has lustful memories of his pro days. “I lerned here in a winters. I rarely had to float indoors since of cold weather, so it’s unequivocally ideal for cycling.”

Not only is a weather ideal for cycling, Hincapie notes, though so is a landscape, with that other cyclists have depressed in love. “I’ve brought several pro riders here and they’re all vacant and repelled by how tough a roving is and how pleasing a turf is as well,” Hincapie says.

Advice to vacationing cyclists: “There’s a bike bath that takes we from downtown Greenville all a approach to Travelers Rest, that fundamentally puts we right onto a nation roads. There are several organisation rides that go out on a weekends. It’s really a unequivocally accessible cycling community.”

Where to stay: At the Hotel Domestique, of course!

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