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Headbanging caused mind drain in Motorhead fan

LONDON It competence not destroy your soul, though it turns out heavy steel song can be dangerous to your brain. At slightest in some singular cases.

German doctors contend they have treated a Motorhead fan whose headbanging robe eventually led to a brain injury, though that a risk to steel fans in ubiquitous is so tiny they don’t need to give adult a shaking.

Last January, doctors during Hannover Medical School saw a 50-year-old male who complained of constant, worsening headaches. The patient, who was not identified, had no story of conduct injuries or substance abuse problems but pronounced he had been headbanging frequently for years — many recently during a Motorhead unison he attended with his son.

After a scan, doctors detected their studious had a mind empty and indispensable a hole drilled into his mind to empty a blood. The patient’s headaches shortly disappeared. In a follow-up scan, a doctors saw he had a soft protuberance that competence have done a steel backer some-more exposed to a mind injury.

“We are not opposite headbanging,” pronounced Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian, one of a doctors who treated a man. “The risk of repairs is very, really low. But we consider if (our patient) had (gone) to a exemplary concert, this would not have happened.”

Islamian pronounced a aroused jolt of a conduct in headbanging can infrequently be adequate to means repairs as a mind bumps adult opposite a skull and remarkable a handful of prior injuries, also in complicated steel fans. The latest box was described in a news published online Friday in a biography Lancet.

Motorhead is a British steel rope famous for assisting emanate a “speed metal” genre, that inspires intensely quick headbanging. Islamian described a rope as “one of a many hard-core rock ‘n’ roll acts on earth.”

Doctors pronounced headbangers shouldn’t be disheartened from enjoying their favorite bands.

“There are substantially other aloft risk events going on during stone concerts than headbanging,” remarkable Dr. Colin Shieff, a neurosurgeon and keeper of a British mind repairs advocacy organisation Headway. “Most people who go to song festivals and burst adult and down while jolt their heads don’t finish adult in a hands of a neurosurgeon.”

Islamian concluded complicated steel fans shouldn’t indispensably skip a headbanging.

“Rock ‘n’ hurl will never die,” he said. “Heavy steel fans should stone on.”

Article source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/headbanging-caused-brain-bleed-in-motorhead-fan/

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