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HELP! Windows Phone refurbish 8.1 pennyless my Lumia

Updated In less-than-pleasing news for Microsoft, a massive thread of Windows Phone moans is flourishing on a forums.

Back in Sep 2014, Microsoft started rolling out Windows Phone refurbish 8.1, with poignant new facilities including a Cortana digital partner and Word Flow keyboard.

A good update, yet not for a subset of business who found that their formerly arguable Lumia phones now suffered freezes during indeterminate intervals, trimming from each few days to several times a day. Phones influenced enclosed some yet not all 1020 inclination – once a flagship Windows Phone and still a one with top fortitude camera.

A frozen phone is not most use, given incoming calls might not be perceived and reminders do not fire. One user, called ArkEngel, delicately documented all a problems and suggested fixes, yet a problem remained.

Microsoft itself confirmed a watchful overpower for dual months until (after inner involvement from someone in a some-more communicative developer division) a member of a group popped into a thread. Microsoft’s Kevin Lee stated:

I’m contemptible we’ve been dim – we work closely with a Lumia engineering group that’s operative directly on this. Trying to strew a small light on this… Beginning in early Sep we started to accept an increasing series of patron feedback per Microsoft Lumia 1020 and 925 device freezes. During a final dual months we have been reaching out for some-more and some-more information and inclination to evenly imitate and slight down a base cause. It incited out to be a energy regulator proof disaster where in mixed with mixed reasons a device fails to energy adult a CPU and peripherals after waiting into a low nap state. we am gratified to pass on that we have a correct claimant underneath validation that we design to pull out a shortly [sic] with a subsequent SW update!

What is “soon”? Well, we never can tell with program companies, and to date Lee has done no serve grant to a thread. Maybe a correct would come with Denim, a underline ascent now being pushed to Windows Phone?

Apparently not, during slightest according to user LarryHSmith today:

Our family has 3x Lumia 1020 64GB editions using on O2 in a UK. All 3 of a phones have now updated. My dad’s 1020 has been stone plain even before a Denim update. My personal phone on a other palm freezes each night when we assign it (meaning we don’t get any alarms in a morning!!).

However, a genuine problem child is my mum’s 1020 (64GB in yellow). That was stone plain until a WP8.1 update, and has been a calamity ever since! we had held breeze that a denim refurbish might usually yield a fix. However, after usually 1 hour of internet browsing, my mum’s 1020 mislaid a wifi connection, with a procedure apropos disabled. This is routinely a predecessor to a phone frozen fully… As things stand, my mum’s phone is fundamentally a paperweight that requires tough resets (volume/power for 10 seconds) during slightest 3 times a day. We all adore a 1020 camera…but there comes a indicate where carrying a entirely operative phone is some-more vicious … Microsoft, we HAVE to demeanour after us. We are a advocates for your platform…and if we remove us, we remove what movement we did have.

This is a distressing thread for Windows Phone fans as patron after patron loses faith with a platform. Perspective is also important; usually a minority of Lumia inclination are influenced and a stream models generally seem to be fine. Devices underneath guaranty are transposed or a correct is attempted, yet it seems that mostly a program reset is practical – that fails to correct a issue, to a disappointment of customers.

The genuine story here, though, peculiarity control issues aside, is a rejection of a Windows Phone group to rivet with a customers. With a difference of a one post quoted above, nobody has come brazen to promulgate progress, explain workarounds, or advise users on how to return phones to 8.0 until a resolution is available.

A preview of Windows 10 on Lumia phones is approaching any time now, and a joint of a phone and PC app platforms, total with a efforts Microsoft is creation to make a handling complement appealing, have a intensity to boost seductiveness in a company’s mobile platform. It is vicious to keep your best business happy, though, and a above is food for suspicion in a context of CEO Satya Nadella’s new matter that “We wish to pierce from people wanting Windows to selecting Windows to amatory Windows.” ®


Microsoft sent us a brief matter given a announcement of this story: “We are operative to residence an emanate that might means some Nokia Lumia 1020 [devices] to solidify when returning to active state from device nap state.”

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Article source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/02/12/windows_phone_update_breaks_lumia_phones_where_is_the_fix_ask_users/

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