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Here’s a ambience of TFL Monterey Week!

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Amid a posh, roughly cliche bourgeois of a Pebble Beach week in Monterey, CA – a gem famous as TFL Monterey Week has emerged. With TFLCar cruising a peninsula, we move a funk. The TFL Monterey Week array covers some of a many important events function over a week of special events function in Monterey, CA (with one teenager exception).

Highlights of TFL Monterey Week include:

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The Concourse d’Lemons – (think of it as a discord to a deference of ‘other’ Concourses). The Concourse d’Lemons beckons real automobile aficionados who have a deep, personal tie with severely musty machines. Cars are judged by partially blinded officials who inspire singular forms of temptation along with a misfortune examples of motordom possible. No, not busted cars that enter a eventuality on fire, (although that might have happened in a new past). These cars are odd-balls, losers, ugly, ungainly, feeble built have bad reputations and/or are too weird to be dark in a garage.

photo 2 (37)Look for a TFL Monterey Week coverage of this overwhelming automobile uncover soon. Fun, musty and fanciful people during this one. We rarely suggest checking out a Concourse d’Lemons if we get sleepy of a disguise of Monterey. There’s a whole lotta stroke going round.

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Jaguar/Land Rover phenomenon party – (the introduction of a Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, Jaguar Project 7 and a Range Rover Sport SVR). The TFL Monterey Week array kicks off with a Jaguar/Land Rover phenomenon celebration during Pebble Beach in Monterey, CA. Both Jaguars will be in singular prolongation with a Jaguar E-Type Lightweight being a six-car run and a Jaguar Project 7 (for seven wins during 24 Hours of Le Mans).

The Range Rover Sport SVR is a initial of a SVR array (think: BMW “M” or “AMG) and represents one of a many absolute Ranger Rovers – ever.

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Legends of a Autobahn – (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and NSU are though a few who attend in this show.) Cars from all over Germany participated – solely for Porsche and Volkswagen… and a few others. Still, a automakers that were in assemblage were outstanding. This was a critical eventuality that showcased some of a best examples of rarely collectable German automobiles. TFL Monterey Week was invited to this extraordinary eventuality and we dripping adult a German-ness while assembly superb people.

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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – We revisit Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to get a ambience of a best ancestral racing in a world. Seriously, some of these vehicles are value millions. Mazda was friendly adequate to entice us to perspective a competition and have an extraordinary cooking with them that evening. It was a ruin of a good show.

tatra 603Finally: we cap-off a Prague to Pebble eventuality by finale adult in Monterey with a 1968 Tatra 603. It was an extraordinary and severe experience. Our little-(ish) Tatra valid to be a good roving companion. Check out a final videos to see how it all ended!

Here’s a preview of TFL Monterey Week on video!

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