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Heroic steel fan headbangs himself into a hospital

Metalheads have famous for ages that headbanging is tough on a body. They even have a name for the pain that comes after an dusk intent in their favorite activity: a bangover. Usually it’s zero that a few ibuprofen and some downtime won’t fix—but a German Motorhead fan has gone far, distant over that indicate by headbanging his approach to tangible mind damage.


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The unnamed 50-year-old metalhead’s condition was detected after he sought diagnosis during a Hannover Medical School for “constant, worsening headaches,” according to an AP report. Although he had no story of conduct injuries or piece abuse problems, a indicate suggested mind draining that compulsory doctors to cavalcade a hole in his conduct to empty it—which indeed sounds intensely metal. They discovered a soft cyst that,  in and with his visit headbanging (most recently during a Motorhead concert), might have caused a bleeding.

Dr. Ariyan Pirayesh Islamian, a member of a group that treated a man, says that routinely with headbanging, “the risk of damage is very, really low. But we consider if [our patient] had [gone] to a exemplary concert, this would not have happened.” That doesn’t meant he’s anti-metal, though. “Rock ‘n’ hurl will never die,” a doctor said. “Heavy steel fans should stone on.”

Hit a burst for a classical Motorhead cut, and make certain we stone out. Doctor’s orders.

Article source: http://music-mix.ew.com/2014/07/04/metal-headbanging-hospital/

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