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High There! Connects Marijuana Lovers

Even potheads get lonely: A Denver association is looking to bond love-seeking stoners with a new mobile service.

Available now for Android, High There! operates like your favorite hook-up apps: emanate a personal form and differentiate by photos of intensity partners—who arealso anticipating for a date with mary jane.

Beta contrast began in December, before a app strictly launched in a Google Play store late final month.

“I hated dating on other sites and apps since as shortly as a thought of my cannabis expenditure came up—date over,” High There! CEO Todd Mitchem told Fast Company. “I indeed walked out of a date (after profitable of course) and pronounced to myself, that’s it. Weeding out a Ms. Wrong from Ms. Right was complex. Selfishly we wish this helps others like me.”




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Twenty-three states and a District of Columbia now have laws legalizing pot in some form—mostly for medicinal purposes, according to Governing.com. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska are a usually ones to concede recreational smoking.

“The universe is changing and High There! is staid to be during a slicing corner of that change with a amicable tie app that will change a approach cannabis consumers, in states where it is legal, bond to any other,” a association wrote in a Dec Facebook post.

The use not usually highlights identical interests—you like enlightenment and a outdoors, too?—but shows how a user likes removing high (vaporizing, edibles, etc.) and what their appetite turn is (low, medium, high) while smoking a ganja.

But while High There! takes advantage of a swell in mobile dating sites, it also offers fraternisation for those only looking for someone to share a pot spirit with.

“That cancer studious who needs friends and support, a man who lands in Denver and does not know where people go to buy good products legally, they can also connect,” Mitchem said. “Just a other day we connected with a dude and talked behind and onward for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship.”

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