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Hit the road for the Star-Banner’s automotive Scavenger Hunt

These are automotive icons, stationary landmarks many of us pass by often. Some are off the path, some are hiding in plain sight and some are roadside attractions that prompt motorists to pull over and take photos (often selfies). Your mission here is to examine the photos and clues (hints hide in the wording), and identify where, exactly, the icon is. If a car sits in front of a business, for example, name the business and location.

The first three readers to submit nine correct answers will win prizes. Email answers to [email protected] or drop them off at the Star-Banner office — 2121 SW 19th Ave. Road, Ocala (near Southwest 17th Street and Easy Street, next to AutoMax). Winners will be published soon after their entries are verified.

The Star-Banner has been presenting the Scavenger Hunts since 2010. This year’s hunt encourages readers not only to find automotive icons, but also pop their heads into the businesses that display them. Find out the stories behind the items.

The Scavenger Hunt’s mission: Seek gems in your own backyard. Get out and explore Marion County. Half the fun of this hunt is the diverse real estate between your driveway and the icon itself.

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