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Holly Holm’s coaches on devise vs. Ronda Rousey: ‘Just a math problem to us’

MELBOURNE, Australia — Depending on what Ronda Rousey decides to do next, her fighting career didn’t finish during UFC 193.

Rousey (12-1) can still retrieve a UFC bantamweight championship. In fact, oddsmakers have already announced her a favorite if she fights Holly Holm next. Despite this loss, some expected still cruise her a No. 1 pound-for-pound womanlike warrior in a world.

UFC 193 shocker: Holm knocks out Rousey

The inconceivable happened Sunday, as Holly Holm dumbfounded a UFC universe by knocking out Ronda Rousey. The former fighting champ held Rousey with a flog to a head, heading to a Round 2 stoppage.

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  • That said, Saturday’s knockout detriment to Holm (10-0) changes a lot. And either Rousey ever reclaims a pretension or not, she’ll never have a same mystique she had going into Etihad Stadium this weekend. Rousey wasn’t only a champion, she was other-worldly. She could kick each lady in a multiplication in reduction than a minute, out-box Floyd Mayweather Jr. and contention Turtle from Entourage in her gangling time.

    That square of Rousey, that unbeatable characteristic, will never utterly be a same as it was before UFC 193. And a large reason Holm was means to kick her on Saturday is she never believed any of that to start with.

    “It was flattering most what we suspicion would happen,” pronounced Greg Jackson, one of Holm’s conduct coaches. “Obviously, she’s an extraordinary contestant and we have zero though honour for her, though she’s been really successful doing a same things for a prolonged time and we were means to gain on that.

    “The other coaches and we got together and we’re not fans. We’re not like, ‘Oh God, Rousey is a biggest ever.’ It’s only a math problem to us. So, it’s tough to know a viewpoint only since this is what we do for a living. This is my pursuit to figure it out.”

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