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Hong Kong Holds Poll on Reforms

Polling stations opposite Hong Kong non-stop Sunday in an unaccepted referendum on approved remodel in a former British colony, a pierce that has hurt Beijing.

Nearly 600,000 votes have been expel in 3 days of online and write voting that began on Friday. Chinese Communist Party authorities have announced a referendum bootleg and but effect, as has a supervision of Hong Kong.

The Occupy Central movement, that orderly a balloting, non-stop tangible voting stations on Sunday, after a large cyber conflict on their voting website final week.  The voting duration was also extended until Jun 29.

The referendum proposes 3 options for adults to select who can run for a arch executive bureau of Hong Kong.  Currently, possibilities are selected by a pro-Beijing committee.

Some information for this news was supposing by AP, AFP and Reuters.

Article source: http://www.voanews.com/content/hong-kong-holds-referendum-on-democratic-reforms/1942368.html

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