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Hortonworks’ Hadoop Security Buy

Hortonworks acquires startup XA Secure and will pierce a Hadoop access, authorization, and review process covering into open-source.

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Hortonworks announced Thursday that it has acquired XA Secure, a 15-month-old confidence startup that has been building centralized confidence capabilities for a Apache Hadoop stack. The understanding fits Hortonworks’ settled goal to spin Hadoop into an enterprise-ready, mission-critical platform.

“The introduction of YARN final Oct has authorised Hadoop to pierce from collection estimate to batch, interactive, SQL, and real-time workloads, though a plea is now centralized confidence administration,” pronounced Tim Hall, Hortonworks’ VP of product management, in a phone talk with InformationWeek. “XA Secure simplifies and coordinates coercion of confidence policies opposite all a engines that are permitted within a Hadoop ecosystem.”

The terms of a understanding were not disclosed, though Hall pronounced XA Secure’s 10 employees have assimilated Hortonworks.

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There are mixed supplies and projects already in existence to safeguard Hadoop security, including Kerberose authentication for entrance control to files in HDFS and DBA interfaces in Hive, to extend and devaluate entrance to queries. Hortonworks has also integrated Hadoop Kerberose support with LDAP and Active Directory, though XA Secure has grown a centralized confidence covering that ensures a some-more extensive and holistic approach, according to Hall.

“XA Secure gives a confidence director a user interface in that to conclude confidence policies for authorization. They have also harmonized an proceed for how a several components of Hadoop can block into this process covering for concurrent enforcement.”

XA Secure policies residence authentication, authorization, and auditing, and Hortonworks pronounced it will coordinate with third-party collection to accommodate some-more specific confidence needs such as information encryption. The association also skeleton to extend XA Secure review capabilities by integrating with Hortonwork’s existent complement auditing functionality.

XA Secure’s confidence height is a blurb product, though Hortonworks says it will present a egghead skill to a Apache Foundation in hopes of removing it to incubator plan standing by a second half of 2014. In a interim, Hall says, Hortonworks will supplement XA Secure’s program into a placement as early as June, creation it permitted to Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise Plus subscribers.

Hortonworks opposition Cloudera has promoted a Apache Sentry plan (already in incubator status) for extended Hadoop security, though Hall characterized that complement as “an engaging thought directed during a wrong kind of persona.

“Today, to configure Sentry we have to fiddle with XML files, and that’s not accurately something that confidence administrators wish to figure out how to do. Today, Sentry is also essentially safeguarding Hive. They’re perplexing to extend that, though they design we to buy exclusive record to do security.”

Once XA Secure is permitted in open-source it will be permitted to all, though Hortonworks will support it usually at the aloft of a dual subscription support levels, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. Enterprise Plus covers a whole HDP placement and Accumulo, Storm, and soon, XA Secure.

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