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Hot Stove: Reds should cruise trade Joey Votto as partial of rebuild

The Reds are now in a center of a large rebuilding process. If there was any slow doubt, it was dejected by a Todd Frazier and Aroldis Chapman trades this month. Cincinnati is focusing on a future, not a present.

The rip down proviso of a reconstruct can be utterly ugly, and, frankly, a fulfilment a lot of losing is in a nearby destiny can’t be a fun knowledge for both fans and a team. Rebuilds are required — generally for tiny marketplace teams like a Reds — though also unpleasant. Everyone wants to win.

With a Reds wholly committed to ripping things down, a group should now demeanour to trade a ultra-productive Joey Votto. The 32-year-old strike .314/.459/.541 (174 OPS+) with 29 home runs in 2015, earning him a third place finish in a NL MVP voting.

Votto would positively be a vital boost for several contenders. The Cardinals and Blue Jays immediately burst to mind. St. Louis is looking to supplement offense and Votto would give them a large center of a sequence bat. The Blue Jays have offense to spare, though Justin Smoak and Chris Colabello are no barrier during initial base. Votto is from Toronto and would give a group another descent building retard with Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion a year divided from giveaway agency.

Of course, trade Votto is most easier pronounced than done. For starters, there’s his beast contract, that will compensate him $199 million over a subsequent 9 years. Not each group can means that, and among a teams that can means it, because wouldn’t they only pointer Chris Davis instead? Votto’s a improved hitter though Davis total to be cheaper, and we get to keep your prospects.

There’s also a emanate of Votto’s no-trade clause. He has full no-trade insurance interjection to his contract, and few weeks ago he pronounced he unequivocally most enjoys being with a Reds and has no enterprise to leave notwithstanding a rebuild. From MLB.com’s Mark Sheldon:

“I positively adore personification here,” Votto pronounced during Redsfest on Friday. “When all this trade things gets going, it’s healthy for a actor to have that suspicion routine and what would we consider? we only positively adore personification here. we unequivocally like where we live. we like my group and my job. we like a plcae of a ballpark and a fans and a hall and a uniform and a series on my behind — all a littlest things that people take for postulated are unequivocally gentle to me and something we demeanour brazen to. we don’t cruise of myself as anything other than a Cincinnati Red. It’s one of a unequivocally cold things about carrying a no-trade clause. I’m one of a singular players who has that. we get to stay a Cincinnati Red.

“I demeanour during guys in all kinds of opposite sports and we admire a players that hang with one authorization and do good and float out a severe times and knowledge a highs, instead of it being a kind of knowledge that we consume.”

Votto doesn’t accurately sound fervent to leave Cincinnati, so it’s wholly probable a thought of trade him is a rubbish of time. He won’t accept a trade and that’s that. It’s also probable Votto might change his mind during some point, after a few weeks or seasons of consistent losing in a severe NL Central.

There is no place for half-measures in a reconstruct for a tiny marketplace group like a Reds. If you’re going to rebuild, we have to full dedicate and rip it all down if we wish to spin things around as fast and as best as possible. To Cincinnati’s credit, they’ve finished that. Trading Frazier couldn’t have been easy.

That’s because a front bureau needs to during slightest try trade Votto. Gauge a market, see what kind of seductiveness there is, and run it by him. Who knows, maybe personification during home in Toronto or for a contending Cardinals appeals to Votto and he decides to determine to a trade. It doesn’t cost a Reds anything to demeanour into it.

Votto’s a truly good player, though a Reds don’t need an over-30 initial baseman creation outrageous income during their rebuild. Trying to trade him now, while he’s still immensely productive, is a best pierce for a authorization going forward.

The Reds should cruise trade Joey Votto to serve their rebuilding efforts.
The Reds should cruise trade Joey Votto to serve their rebuilding efforts. (USATSI)

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