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Houston Texans 23, Cleveland Browns 7: Jamie Turner’s in-game news – The Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND, Ohio — After 10 days of backslaps and praise, how do a Browns conflict to prosperity?

Not so much. The Browns — though Jordan Cameron for during slightest another week and Phil Taylor for a rest of a deteriorate — were prosaic all day and fell to 6-4 in a 23-7 detriment to 5-5 Houston — that dominated on both sides of a field. So initial place in a AFC North lasts accurately one week.

As always, we have each growth from FirstEnergy Stadium during your fingertips interjection to a reporters and columnists of cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer. The inhabitant spotlight also is focused on a Browns, and we’ll have their observations as well.

Just keep lovely to get a latest.

4:36 p.m.: Pettine says there is regard that Karlos Dansby’s damage is a critical one for a rest of a season.

4:35 p.m.: Pettine praises Texans’ doing of QB Ryan Mallett, staying out of third-and-longs. Not certain if a first-down chuck to Andre Johnson in a fourth entertain could have been thrown any better.

“I consider their descent line, generally in a run game, is one of a best in a league. … The defensive line … is plain as well.”

He’s not tough on Crowell for a fail “It was a heckuva play,” and credited him for what small run diversion a Browns had.

4:32 p.m.: Mike Pettine in his post-game press conference:

Says Karlos Dansby will get an MRI on his knee Monday, and Jabaal Sheard has a “thing” with a foot.

“We won’t be a group that creates excuses. We got kick soundly in all 3 areas.” Said group “came adult small”.

Doesn’t forgive bad run invulnerability to injuries, that pot “have to step adult and play.”

Said there was a good week of practice, though that there’s not always a association between good use and personification well.

Said it was “tough sledding” opposite J.J. Watt, either regulating to or divided from him. “He’s an glorious player.”

The Crowell fail was huge, and Miles Austin mishandling a round into an interception proves “we’re not a group that can be reduction in turnovers and win.”

4:24 p.m.: From NFL.com’s Marc Sessler on today’s game.

“Cleveland’s offense spent a afternoon in a coma. Hoyer struggled with bad decisions, missed open targets and directed too many throws during ghosts. He was intercepted after Miles Austin mislaid a fourth-quarter pass, though we counted another 3 throws that should have been picked. Finishing 3-for-15 on third downs, a Browns lacked stroke from a initial alarm and couldn’t get out of their possess way. This looked zero like a mistake-free group that wiped out a Bengals 10 days ago.

“The Texans didn’t skip Arian Foster one bit opposite a terrible Browns run invulnerability that authorised an vast 214 yards. Rookie Alfred Blue was sensational, churning out a career-high 156 yards off 36 carries opposite a Cleveland front 7 that mislaid linebacker Karlos Dansby to a knee damage and desperately misses run-stopper Phil Taylor.”

4:21 p.m.: Protect a children during all costs.

4:14 p.m.: Who would have suspicion this — with a Bengals win and a Falcons violence a Panthers, a Browns will face a first-place 4-6 Falcons in Atlanta subsequent week.

Yes, Josh Gordon will be back.

Final: Texans 23, Browns 7

4:13 p.m.: Houston offside and it’s initial and 5 during a Houston 48. Hoyer has been throwing off his behind feet all day and does it again on an dismissed pass to Hawkins during a 40.

Dumpoff to Crowell good for 19 to a Houston 29. Hoyer is late to Hawkins during a 13, damaged adult by Johnathan Joseph. On second-and-10, Brian Cushing knocks a Hoyer pass divided from Crowell. On third down, Travis Benjamin can’t get both feet down during a 20 and it’s another fourth down.

Hoyer’s 50th pass of a day sails high for Barnidge and Houston runs out a clock.

Texans 23, Browns 7, 1:56 left in fourth quarter

4:06 p.m.: Gabriel earnings kickoff to 22. Hoyer to Austin for seven. Hawkins gets a initial down during a Browns 33. Hoyer’s third true execution is to Barnidge for a initial down during a Browns 48 as two-minute warning arrives.

Texans 23, Browns 7, 2:47 left in fourth quarter

4:03 p.m.: Blue runs for 26, afterwards is strike late by Gipson for another 15 yards. Now during a Browns’ 36 — and a stands emptying fast — Grimes for dual adult a middle. On second-and-8, Grimes for 4 some-more as Browns call initial timeout with 3:06 remaining.

On third-and-3, Alfred Blue’s team-record 37th lift good for a initial down during a Browns 25, though Texans called for holding (RT Derek Newton) and it’s third-and-8 during a 35. Grimes gains 3 and Browns call second timeout during 2:52.

Randy Bullock comes in for a final spike in a Browns coffin from 50 yards out. It’s good and that’s a ballgame.

3:58 p.m.: Hoyer to Hawkins over a core for 24 to midfield. Another pass to Gabriel for 12. At a 38, Hoyer is too high for Gabriel during a 23. On second-and-10, Hoyer scrambles and tosses it into a Houston dais with Watt chasing him. On third-and-10, Hoyer point for Austin caroms off Austin’s thigh and into a hands of Mike Muhamed during a 30 with 4:01 left.

3:53 p.m.: Texans in full time mode — Blue for two, afterwards seven. On third-and-1, Blue stopped for no gain. Quick and indispensable three-and-out.

Lechler’s punt held by Jim Leonhard during a Browns 26 with 5:04 left.

Indeed, Bengals surprise Saints in New Orleans, 27-10.

3:49 p.m.: Marlon Moore earnings a kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown, though haven TE Ryan Taylor is called for bootleg retard — he’s grabbing a left arm of Houston’s Mike Mohamed during a Cleveland 15. Browns round behind during their 10.

That kind of day.

Crowell cutback gets dual as CBS shows that Browns have 18 second-half yards in 18 plays. On second-and-8, Hoyer flattened by Brian Cushing — rootless he stays in a huddle. Hoyer takes another strike from Watt on third-and-8, though gets it to Gabriel who stretches to a 21 for a initial down.

On initial down, Hoyer to Gabriel for 35 over a middle. Play movement and Hoyer hits Hawkins for 16 yards to a Houston 23. First-down widen run to Crowell gets a yard.

On second-and-9, Hoyer looks for FB Ray Agnew, who has a round trip by his fingers. Not accurately a high-percentage pass to a fullback who is on and off a roster.

On third-and-9, Hoyer too prolonged for Gabriel during a 9. Browns have to go for it trailing by 13 with 6:54 left. Hoyer’s fourth-down pass opposite Texans’ shell is forsaken by Austin during a 9. Browns flagged for clout retard (Ben Tate and John Greco). Houston get a round after a chastisement during a 37.

Likely a final best possibility to get in a game.

Texans 20, Browns 7, 9:47 left in fourth quarter

3:37 p.m.: Mallett to Demaris Johnson for 7 sets adult Blue on a third-and-1, that he simply translates to a Cleveland 45.

Blue adult a gaping hole in a core of a Browns line for six. Blue during right tackle removing roughly a yard. On third-and-3, Mallett looks for Demaris Johnson, though throws low and incomplete.

Bullock in to try from 56 yards — and calls timeout during 13:14. Mallett and offense looking to go behind on a field. And Texans will go for it.

With Doug Dieken warning of a feign to get a Browns offside, Mallett is finish to Andre Johnson for 10 yards, with Joe Haden all over him. Great catch.

Blue loses dual adult a core as Browns shell in desperation. On second-and-12, Mallett hits Hopkins, who breaks Craig Robertson’s tackle and breaks transparent for 17 yards to a Browns 13.

Blue loses a yard with Kruger and Mingo interlude him during right tackle. On second-and-11, a touchdown would expected sign this. Toss brush left by Blue, though Mingo sprints by a hole and army a nine-yard loss.

On third-and-20 during a 27, Mallett to Demaris Johnson good for 4 — large strike by Haden.

Bullock’s 37-yard margin idea is good.

Texans 17, Browns 7, finish of third quarter

3:28 p.m.: Hoyer trips on Joel Bitonio’s feet on a first-down dropback, loses 8 yards. Hoyer throws second-down pass away, with John Greco a good 10 yards downfield. Penalty accepted, creation it second-and-23 during a Browns’ 30.

Whistles blow and Texans manager Bill O’Brien says he was misunderstood by Ed Hochuli — chastisement declined. On third-and-18, Hoyer escapes Watt, throws for Barnidge who deflects a round in a atmosphere and eventually to a ground.

Christian Yount’s snap goes over Lanning’s right arm, though a good jaunty play by Lanning who punts while regulating to his left — out of finish during a Texans 42.

Blue gets no benefit on initial down as a entertain ends.

3:23 p.m.: Quick point to Andre Johnson for six. Blue tries left side and Mingo and Gipson stop him for a four-yard loss. On third-and-8, Mallett looks left and Paul Kruger scarcely creates an acrobatic interception.

Benjamin earnings punt to a Browns 42.

3:20 p.m.: Browns remove dual on West representation right, Watt gets credit for a tackle, though LB Brooks Reed did a complicated lifting. On second-and-12, Hoyer hits Miles Austin, who works tough and drags a Texan 5 yards for a initial down during a 35.

Tate in backfield, loses 5 yards as Watt army Mitchell Schwartz low into a backfield. Why a Browns keep regulating during Watt? Good question.

On second-and-15, Hoyer pass to Barnidge forsaken during midfield. Good coverage. On third-and-15, Hoyer has 5 Texans entrance and throws off his behind feet and is brief for Gabriel during a 47.

Lanning behind to punt. Martin catches during 24, earnings dual before a drifting Barkevious Mingo tackles him during a 26.

3:16 p.m.: Moore earnings to a Browns 22, fumbles, recovered by Eddie Pleasant during a Browns 18. Replays demeanour like Moore’s bend was down and afterwards round comes out.

That’s a call. Browns round during a 23.

Texans 17, Browns 7, 5:16 remaining in third quarter

3:12 p.m.: Mallett prolonged and OB for Hopkins in a finish zone, Skrine covering. Now Jabaal Sheard is down, needs assistance to baggy off a margin with right leg injury.

On third-and-7 during a Browns 28, Browns shell and Skrine breaks adult brief pass dictated for Andre Johnson.

Bulluck’s 46-yard margin idea is good with 5:16 left in quarter.

3:07 p.m.: Browns in soothing coverage, and Mallett hits Hopkins for 15. Blue adult a core for seven. Houston in control. Blue for 11 over right tackle as a Browns are being pushed way, approach off a ball. Once again, it’s Blue for 4 over right finish to a Houston 48. On second-and-6, Mallett to Hopkins — again Skrine is approach off — for a initial down during a Browns’ 44.

Grimes for 11 to a Browns 33. Grimes for 3 some-more on initial down — Billy Winn down with right leg cramps. Official timeout with 5:43 left.

3:03 p.m.: Hoyer fakes to Crowell, afterwards passes to him for 10 yards to a Texans 47. Trap play on initial down blown adult by LB Akeem Dent and Crowell loses two.

On second-and-12, point to Hawkins deficient as DB A.J. Bouye might have gotten divided with a hold. On third down, Hoyer dumps to Gabriel, who can’t reason on to a round and gets a large strike from S D.J. Swearinger.

Lanning punt satisfactory held by Keshawn Martin during a Houston 11 with 7:56 left in quarter.

2:58 p.m.: Remember all that competition speak gossip about how Arian Foster not being accessible helps a Browns? Alfred Blue has 104 yards on 20 carries.

2:57 p.m.: Mallett to Keshawn Martin for 6 yards on a collect play on a left side. On second-and-4, Mallett to Demaris Johnson for a initial down during a 39. Texans going quickly, Alfred Blue for 3 over right guard. On second-and-7, Texans behind down. Blue adult a core for six, though Jabaal Sheard flagged for hands to a face — combined to a run and Texans have initial down during a Browns 46.

Browns looking for something to change momentum. Blue for no benefit over left guard. On second-and-10, Blue gets around Robertson and Gipson during a line of struggle and gains 14 during right end.

Grimes for 4 on initial down. Grimes again adult a core for four. On third-and-2, Browns have 3 linemen and Billy Winn army a Houston holding chastisement on G Brandon Brooks. Browns accept chastisement to get them out of field-goal range. On third-and-12, burble shade to Demaris Johnson loses a yard.

Randy Bullock attempts 52-yard margin goal. It’s far-reaching right. Browns take over on their possess 42.

2:48 p.m.: Crowell not banished, though behind in backfield. First-down lift good for 9 yards on trap adult a middle. On second-and-1, Crowell stumbles though reaches a 30 for a initial down.

Hoyer tries a shade to Crowell though Jared Crick scarcely picks it off. Incomplete. On second down, Browns try fleaflicker though Brian Cushing hits Hoyer in mid-delivery and his chuck for an open Benjamin is 5 yards short. Hoyer goes low again for Gabriel, who never gets inside Johnathan Joseph and a round falls incomplete.

Lanning punt to Keshawn Martin held during 25, returned 3 yards to a 28.

2:45 p.m.: Browns accept to start a second half. Marlon Moore takes a touchback.

2:43 p.m.: Big regard for Browns — Texans are averaging 4.4 per carry. Hard to get a fans behind we when a invulnerability is struggling to get off a field.

2:41 p.m.: Bud Shaw on a game’s building … uh … narrative.

“This diversion is following a form determined progressing this season. Bad teams self-destruct. The Browns take advantage and start enmity themselves (even if usually a little) late in a second half and with a initial possession of…

“Oops. Check that. Didn’t have a Isaiah Crowell fail enclosed in that narrative.”

2:39 p.m.: Terry Pluto on a formidable initial half for a Cleveland offense.

“Houston’s pass rush is an emanate for Hoyer. He was sacked twice. He fumbled (and recovered) and also had a pass sloping during a line of scrimmage. Houston came into a diversion streamer a NFL with 67 quarterback hits. Houston’s vigour has worried some of a Browns descent linemen. Mitchell Schwartz was flagged for holding and afterwards a feign start on back-to-back plays.”

Halftime: Texans 14, Browns 7

2:31 p.m.: Moore earnings kickoff to a 27. Browns with 18 seconds take a knee and conduct to a locker room.

Texans 14, Browns 7, 0:23 left in second quarter

2:29 p.m.: How assertive do a Texans get with Ryan Mallett?

Blue on behind handoff for 11 — Browns’ run invulnerability is common again, during best.

At a Houston 43, Grimes gets 3 as Texans call timeout with 1:24 left.

Grimes adult a core for five. Houston peaceful to be regressive — timeout during 1:06 — though still relocating a round for a probable margin goal.

On third-and-2, Mallett throws to Andre Johnson to a Browns’ 39, though Browns’ Desmond Bryant called for holding. Declined.

Houston scarcely in field-goal range. Mallett on initial down hits TE Garrett Graham for 4 yards — Browns’ Craig Robertson called for bootleg strike and Texans accept chastisement to a 34.

Do Browns have a large defensive play? Not yet, as Mallett hits Graham opposite Robertson during a Cleveland 20. Mallett again to Graham, who breaks a Gipson tackle during a 4 and lunges into a finish zone.

Wretched spin of events for a Browns, who suspicion they were in scoring position before a Crowell fumble.

Browns 7, Texans 7, 2:00 left in second quarter

2:21 p.m.: Mallett to Demaris Johnson for seven. Blue over left tackle for two. On third-and-1, a 6-6 Mallett sneaks for a initial down during a two-minute warning.

2:20 p.m.: Can Browns say momentum? Hoyer slips on a feet right, though a Texans are good blocked and he finds Jim Dray far-reaching open for 30 yards run and catch.

Crowell loses a yard, and afterwards Hoyer throws behind Hawkins during a 40. On third-and-11 during a Houston 44, Hoyer scrambles right (good blocking) and hits Gabriel during a 35, Gabriel zigs to a initial down during a 30.

West on a section widen left gets 7 on initial down. On second-and-3, West gets dual adult a middle. On third-and-1, Crowell replaces West. Hoyer sneaks on third down and gets dual yards to a 19 with a time relocating underneath 3:30 in a half.

Crowell fumbles on handoff (Brian Cushing on a punchout) adult a middle, Watt recuperating during a 23.

2:13 p.m.: Daniel Manning earnings kickoff to a Texans 26.

Mallett hits Demaris Johnson in right container for four. Blue gets his pads very, really behind and gets 7 yards for a initial down during a 38. Blue on initial down for 5 adult a middle. On second-and-5, Grimes gets 3 and Karlos Dansby has his left leg rolled adult in a raise by Grimes and limps off.

On third-and-1, core Chris Myers snaps a round over Mallett’s head, recovered by Blue during a Houston 25.

Lechler’s punt downed during a Browns’ 27 — Benjamin again rather shy in vouchsafing a round bounce.

Browns 7, Texans 7, 8:58 left in second quarter

2:07 p.m.: Browns offense has been surge mode so far.

Crowell gets three, though John Greco called for holding (Schwartz was flagged, too). Now on first-and-20, Hoyer chuck for Austin tapped divided during a 35 by CB Johnathan Joseph. On second-and-20, Watt intimidates Schwartz into a feign start and Browns demeanour a bit mislaid during a moment.

It’s second-and-25, and Hoyer to Gabriel damaged adult by a large strike from Joseph. Gabriel slipped on his route. Tate on a give-up pull loses 3 and boos can be listened as a Texans are tighten to flipping a field.

Lanning is again roughed by J.J. Watt – zero happens on this margin though Watt being involved. Browns initial down during a 35.

Watt on a sideline, and Hoyer hits Gabriel for 23 — that is NOT a coincidence. At a Houston 42, Crowell around right tackle for seven. On second-and-3, Crowell over left tackle for 3 and a initial down.

Hoyer play movement feet right, finds Hawkins channel a margin during a 15 and he gets a retard from Miles Austin during a idea line for a 31-yard TD.

Thank you, J.J. Watt.

1:57 p.m.: Blue adult a core for four, slicing to backside of blocks. On second-and-6, Mallett in shotgun is a small behind Hopkins during a 25. On third-and-6, Grimes gets 4 on a handoff, stopped brief of a sticks by S Jim Leonhard.

Pretty regressive doing of Mallett. Lechler’s punt overwhelmed down during a Browns’ 38.

1:53 p.m.: In we formation, West gets dual over left tackle with Ray Agnew blocking. On second-and-8, Hoyer misses a double-covered Hawkins by 5 yards in a finish zone. On third-and-8, Hoyer has pass knocked down by LB Mike Muhamed — Texans section blitzed five.

J.J. Watt flagged for a personal tainted after regulating into Spencer Lanning’s plant leg on a punt. First down during a Texans 32.

Another inside pitch/trap to Crowell gets two, with Jadeveon Clowney creation a tackle. On second-and-8, Hoyer sacked by LB Akeem Dent for detriment of seven. On third-and-15, Hoyer rolls right and misses Austin during a 10.

Browns usually demeanour a small confused in all aspects. Browns take counsel check of game, though Texans decrease during a 37. Lanning’s punt held by Keshawn Martin during a 9 with 12:52 left.

Texans 7, Browns 0, finish of initial quarter

1:45 p.m.: Crowell gets 9 yards on initial down. Second-down play feign and Hoyer hits Travis Benjamin during a Texans 49 — good leaping locate — as a entertain ends.

1:42 p.m.: Mallett to Andre Johnson for 9 yards on initial down. Browns’ K’Waun Williams flagged for hands to face, 5-yard chastisement declined. On second-and-1, Andre Johnson drops a stop track during a 38. On third-and-1, Blue toss brush left for 5 yards on a section restraint intrigue really identical to Browns’

On initial down Mallett to Andre Johnson gets 12 on easy point inside opposite Joe Haden. Grimes gets a yard adult a middle, Williams defending. On second-and-9, Blue waits for blocks and gets a initial down during a 37. Again, Browns’ 3-man defensive line removing no penetration.

On initial down, Blue on pull gets usually a yard as Haden and Sione Fua follow him down. On second-and-9, Mallett to Andre Johnson for 8 as Haden sloughed during a snap and gave him easy yards. On third-and-1, Mallett looks low for DeAndre Hopkins though Joe Haden leaps aloft and intercepts in a finish zone.

1:34 p.m.: Marlon Moore catches kickoff during a 5, earnings to a 20.

The core pitch/TE trap to Crowell is good for 35 yards to a Houston 45. Quick point to Hawkins good for 13. Browns no-huddle seems to benefit energy, though Hoyer’s first-down pass to Hawkins is far-reaching and incomplete. At a Houston 33, Browns call second timeout with 6:03 left in entertain with arrangement confusion.

On second-and-10, Hoyer motions Terrance West left, though hits TE Jim Dray adult a core for 12. West first-down lift good for 3 yards to a 14. On second-and-7, Hoyer rolls right to Hawkins for no gain.

On third-and-7, Tate in backfield, relocating to container left. J.J. Watt — violence Mitchell Schwartz with no TE assistance — swats a round out of Hoyer’s hand. Hoyer recovers during a 20 and is tackled by Watt.

Cundiff’s 38-yard margin idea is far-reaching right.

Texans’ round during a 28.

Texans 7, Browns 0, 7:09 left in initial quarter

1:25 p.m.: Second array time to unleash Mallett? Not on initial down, as Blue gets a yard as Craig Robertson, Jabaal Sheard tighten in. On second-and-9, Mallett far-reaching for Demaris Johnson, Chris Kirksey covering. On third-and-9, Mallett goes low for DeAndre Hopkins, who uses his 6-1 support to invulnerability Buster Skrine for 41 yards to a Browns 47.

Blue for dual yards on initial down. On second-and-8, check handoff to Blue good for six. On third-and-2, Browns call initial timeout with 9:42 remaining.

After timeout, Blue powers adult a core for 3 and a initial down. Browns usually had 3 down linemen and got overmatched.

At a 37, Mallett audibles and gives to Blue for two. Texans personification adult dash and Mallett looks for Demaris Johnson though K’Waun Williams taps a round divided expertly. Great play. On third-and-8, Mallett throws a dart to Andre Johnson for a initial down during a 19. Browns removing blocked good during a line of scrimmage.

At a 19, Blue gets usually a yard on off-tackle right, Dansby tackling. Browns carrying problem with a Houston gait and Blue breaks giveaway to a Browns 5. Tashaun Gipson flagged for facemask.

From a 2, Mallett to J.J. Watt separate left for a touchdown opposite Kirksey. Play reviewed as Watt had left feet and knee down in bounds.

“It’s a usually John Madden (rule), one knee equals dual feet,” says Doug Dieken on Browns radio.

1:12 p.m.: Crowell is a starter during RB and gets a yard on initial down. Tate was a pregame captain. Hoyer to Miles Austin for 12 yards to a 42 for a initial down.

First J.J. Watt sighting is a submarine of Crowell brush left for a detriment of one. On second-and-11, Hoyer overthrows Taylor Gabriel during a Houston 48. On third-and-11, Texans send usually four, though force an overpower of Andrew Hawkins 20 yards downfield.

Spencer Lanning punt satisfactory held by Keshawn Martin during a Houston 11. Official timeout with 11:56 left in quarter.

1:08 p.m.: Alfred Blue, Arian Foster’s backup, gets 6 yards adult a core on initial down. Mallett finds Andre Johnson for 28 yards, though a discerning Browns plea is rewarded by video of a round attack a territory before Johnson secures it. No catch.

On third-and-4, Texans try Jonathan Grimes adult a middle, though he is a yard short.

Travis Benjamin’s satisfactory locate of a Shane Lechler punt starts a Browns during their 29.

1:03 p.m.: Billy Cundiff’s kickoff is a touchback and we’re underway.

1:01 p.m.: Texans call tails, remove a silver toss. Browns will defer and start a diversion on defense. Hochuli got a strange call wrong — a small early humor.

12:56 p.m.: On a other hand, a NFL is promulgation a best-known arbitrate — Ed “Top Guns” Hochuli — to today’s game.

12:53 p.m.: It’s a CBS triumverate of Andrew Catalon, Steve Beuerlein and Steve Tasker in a counter today. Still not accurately a prime-time lineup.

12:47 p.m.: CBS on Browns-Texans. Tony Gonzalez likes Houston, though Boomer, Bart Scott and Bill Cowher are holding a Browns.

12:41 p.m.: Bunch of gibberish about Isaiah Crowell starting currently — solely there’s no acknowledgment from a team, that lists Ben Tate on a abyss draft during a stadium. Also, doesn’t it seem doubtful that Mike Pettine wouldn’t give his ex-Texan a possibility to infer something currently — during slightest in a initial series?

If that messes with your anticipation team, we feel your pain. Just a approach it is around these Browns.

12:38 p.m.: Who are we to remonstrate with a knowledge of a former Brown?

12:32 p.m.: Today’s inactives:

Texans: OT Jeff Adams, DB Josh Aubrey, ILB Max Bullough, RB Arian Foster, CB Kareem Jackson, WR DeVier Posey, QB Tom Savage.

Browns: CB Johnson Bademosi, TE Jordan Cameron, CB Pierre Desir, OT Vinston Painter, OLB Keith Pough, WR Rodney Smith, RB Glenn Winston

12:30 p.m.: What’s this? It seems like Terry Pluto is beginning to feel confident about a home team.

“The Browns aren’t 6-3 by accident. They warranted a record by personification gritty, plain football. (Brian) Hoyer has stayed divided from turnovers (and that will be a pivotal today), along with creation some large plays during a right time. In a final 4 games, a invulnerability has authorised an normal of 13 points.

“Earlier in a week, we picked a Browns to win, 20-17. I’ll mount by it.”

And what of Bud Shaw? He’s awaiting a encouraged ex-Texan to furnish today.

“The Texans won’t have Arian Foster to make things easier for Mallett. The Browns will have a common numbers during regulating behind with Terrance West, former Foster backup Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell. we think Kyle Shanahan, who doesn’t let his regulating backs get too comfortable, will daub into Tate’s enterprise to uncover his aged group that he’s a personality of this triumvirate.”

Article source: http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2014/11/cleveland_browns_vs_houston_te_1.html

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