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How Does Brazil’s Travel Boom Affect Florida?

All eyes are on Brazil right now as a nation hosts a World Cup and a mob of soccer fans from a U.S., Mexico, and other countries. Brazil earnings a foreign-travel favor, and afterwards some. The nation is one of a fastest-growing markets for transport to a U.S., as a theme-park aficionados and brand-savvy discount hunters come to a U.S. in flourishing numbers. For The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS  ) , Comcast Corp. (NASDAQ: CMCSA  ) holding Universal Studios, and Seaworld Entertainment (NYSE: SEAS  ) , this is good news.

A long-term trend of some-more Brazilian visitors to a U.S.
The series of Brazilian visitors to a U.S. has been on a arise for years. From 2006 to 2013, there was a 292% boost in Brazilian transport to a United States. In 2006, a U.S. saw 525,000 arrivals from Brazil. In 2013, there were some-more than 2 million. Tourist visa wait times have depressed neatly over a past integrate of years, from several weeks or months to an normal of reduction than dual weeks, as a sovereign supervision has pushed to make it easier for tourists to get here and spend money.

US Travel Association

By 2018, a commerce dialect expects a U.S. to horde some-more than 3 million travelers from Brazil annually, as a country’s center category continues to grow. That projected boost places Brazil among a tip 5 fastest-growing markets for inbound U.S. travel, along with associate BRIC nations China and India, as good as Taiwan and Colombia.

Here to have fun, mostly in Florida
If past trends lift forward, these tourists are going to be here to float rollercoasters and go shopping. Almost three-quarters of 2013′s visitors from Brazil were convenience travelers, with fewer than 10% any roving on business, to revisit family and friends, or to attend a conference. The infancy were in their late 30s, with a median domicile income around $60,000. These travelers stayed an normal of 10-15 nights stateside and designed their U.S. excursions months in advance.

Sightseeing and selling might tip a to-do list for Brazilians in a U.S., though these travelers are also large theme-park fans. Fully half of a Brazilians who come to a U.S. go to during slightest one entertainment park while they’re here, that might explain since Florida — and Orlando, in sold — is a many renouned finish for tourists from Brazil. Of a 1.3 million Brazilians who visited Florida in 2013, 768,000 of them went to Orlando, creation Brazil a largest general marketplace for Orlando transport and tourism.

Disney caters to this sepulchral marketplace by going out of a approach to make Brazilian guest feel welcome. Walt Disney World has a staff of dozens of “super greeters” who are smooth in Portuguese to answer questions and assistance out with unfamiliar debate groups. Disney pronounced a “super greeter” staff, that also facilities Spanish-speaking employees, tripled in distance between 2010 and 2013. Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios Florida all have Portuguese web sites for their Brazilian guests.

Brand-savvy shoppers with copiousness of cash
According to a Orlando Sentinel, trips to Orlando are removing some-more renouned with middle-class and well-to-do Brazilian teenagers, who typically uncover adult with as many as $5,000 in slot money, prepared to emporium for friends, family, and themselves. Because even pricey equipment like engineer handbags and Apple gadgets are many cheaper in a U.S. than during home, it creates clarity for Brazilians to batch adult while they’re abroad.

The Brazilian transport annuity is mostly a Florida phenomenon. Outside of Orlando, Miami was a second many renouned U.S. finish for Brazilians in 2013, with 738,000 visitors. New York State ranked only behind Florida, and those dual states constraint roughly all of a caller trade from Brazil, since 74% of these tourists revisit only one state during their stay. Other locales anticipating to justice a Brazilian traveller trade have their work cut out for them.

It could be value a effort. In 2006, Brazilian travelers spent $2.6 billion in a U.S., and that figure grew to $10.5 billion in 2013. As some-more tourists come, that annual volume will roughly positively climb.

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