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How we filled out my NL Rookie of a Year ballot

PHOENIX — As a member of a Baseball Writers Association of America, we perceived a payoff this year of voting for a National League Rookie of a Year award, that valid to be an engaging assignment for churned reasons.

First of all, apparently all due honour to anyone good adequate to so many as put on a major-league uniform, yet boy, was this an underwhelming group. we don’t consider anyone in a NL would have perceived even a third-place opinion on this year’s American League ballot.

Second of all, this organisation presented an engaging dilemma: How do we import decent value over a prolonged transport opposite clever value over a shorter duration of time?

Here’s how we filled out my ballot:

1. Jacob deGrom, Mets

So deGrom done only 22 starts in his initial major-league season, totaling 140 1/3 innings – that means he didn’t even validate for a NL ERA title. But he certain did make a many of so little.

He tallied a 2.69 ERA, that converted into a 130 ERA+ once we comment for a corner he perceived from pitching his home games during Citi Field. He struck out 144 and walked 43. He singular opponents to a .228/.288/.326 condense line, considerable even in pitching-dominated 2014. He even strike a small (.217/.234/.261) to support his cause.

So really, his biggest guilt was that he didn’t representation more. The Mets didn’t serve him from Triple-A Las Vegas until May 15, and he spent accurately 15 days on a infirm list in Aug with a right shoulder problem. In this injured field, that put him atop my ballot.

2. Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati

Hamilton played in 152 games to deGrom’s 23 (deGrom pinch-hit in one game, adding to his aforementioned 22 starts). He tallied 611 image appearances. He played a reward position, core field, and he stole 56 bases.

Yet he’s second since he harm a Reds some with all of that personification time. He managed a medium .250/.292/.355 condense line, that put him during an 83 OPS+. He didn’t lead a joining in steals (the Dodgers’ Dee Gordon did, with 64), yet he did lead a joining by removing held 23 times, abating some of a value of that speed.

He was glorious defensively by all measures we found, that creates adult for many of those descent liabilities. Not all of them, though. we motionless deGrom helped his group some-more than Hamilton helped his, since Hamilton mostly harm his group and deGrom radically never harm his. At slightest while active.

3. Ender Inciarte, Arizona

Inciarte presented a portfolio identical to Hamilton’s: common on offense, good on defense. But Inciarte churned his time among a 3 outfield positions, starting 71 games in core field, 26 in left margin and one in right field. In all, he played in only 118 games and available only 447 image appearances.

Voters altogether adored St. Louis second baseman Kolten Wong over Inciarte. we went with Inciarte since we consider his glorious invulnerability — 2.5 defensive WAR, according to Baseball-Reference.com, and a 19.2 Ultimate Zone Rating — gave him a larger value.

This week’s Pop Quiz doubt came from Dan Cavanagh of Tucson, Ariz.:

Name a male who was both boss of a Yankees and ubiquitous manager of Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus.

The Pop Quiz answer is Michael Burke. If we have a tidbit that correlates ball with renouned culture, greatfully send it to me during [email protected]

Article source: http://nypost.com/2014/11/10/how-i-filled-out-my-nl-rookie-of-the-year-ballot/

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