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How we Make Money as a Travel Photographer in 2015

Long left are a days in that being a transport photographer simply meant we shot photography for a certain transport repository or newspaper. The universe isn’t that elementary anymore, and a turn of foe in a photography universe has never been higher. But still, I’m sincerely certain there are some-more “travel photographers” on a universe now than there ever were — usually check your Instagram feeds.

So, if transport photography as a normal career is dying, than how are these people creation their money? Well, we wish we could give we a answer to that question, nonetheless we can’t. These days, everybody has a opposite process of money-making. All we can do is tell we my story, and how we conduct to keep from sleeping underneath a overpass any night — nonetheless barely.

First, A Little About Me

I’m a 30-year-old transport publisher from Canada. Over a past 5+ years, I’ve been operative as a digital wayfarer around a world. Over that time I’ve set feet in around 80 countries on 6 opposite continents. we started out as a transport writer. Soon, we started holding photos to support my articles. It didn’t take prolonged until we satisfied that we many elite formulating images than we did writing. Photography became my drug of choice and we went off chasing light any possibility we got.

Back when we started, we was regulating a Canon T2i along with a pack 18-55mm lens. These days, we use a Canon 6D, 16-35mm f/4, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS, 50mm f/1.4, and a accumulation of other rigging pieces such as Cactus flashes, a 3 Legged Thing tripod, and a GoPro 3+.

Where and How we Make my Money

Before we get into a “how”, let me tell we about a “how much”. In roving a world, we spend an normal of $2,000 a month. That includes accommodation, transportation, food, etc. we don’t have a home, so that $2,000 is in fact a whole border of my expenses. Thus, to keep myself from non-under-bridge housing, we need to make that many any month… nonetheless preferably a bit more. And, before we ask: no, we don’t have savings, we don’t have a trust fund, and no we don’t have a sugarine mom (although we wish one).

In general, we reside by what we call “The Octopus” proceed to income generation. After 2 years perplexing to make it in normal journalism, we satisfied that as a freelancer we need to try to have your hands in as many opposite pots as probable to survive. Essentially, if we can have 8 opposite sources of income during $250 any a month, I’ll make my $2000. And, if we remove one source of income, it’s not a finish of a world. These are a several sources my hands extend towards.

#1: Magazine/Newspaper Work

Honestly, we consider this is a smallest source of income so distant in 2015. There usually isn’t a lot of direct these days. Yes, I’ve had some works published in vital media outlets. we had a dual page widespread from Iceland in The Guardian, for example. But a normal broadcasting work isn’t something we follow anymore. It’s too many work. You spend 95% of your time pitching, and 5% of your time in a field. we unequivocally usually do normal broadcasting work these days if a journal or repository approaches me. In 2015, we have finished about $150 a month from normal journalism.

#2: The Stocks

I hear a lot of people articulate about how batch photography is unequivocally usually a decent source of income if you’re focusing 100% of your appetite on it. However, I’ve found that we can acquire a flattering solid — nonetheless scanty — income off of several batch sites regulating images we take on a daily basement out in a field.

I batch both micro-stock and vast stock.

For micro-stock, we have portfolios on a dozen opposite sites. However, we unequivocally usually tell images on a unchanging basement to ShutterStock and iStock. Between my micro-stock sales, we have averaged about $250 a month on average. The best partial of micro-stock for me is that it’s sincerely residual and passive. we spend unequivocally small time on it, and it keeps entrance month after month even if we stop operative during it.

I don’t do a lot of vast batch photography, nonetheless we do batch images with TandemStock and they have finished utterly good for me. we haven’t been stocking with them for long, nonetheless we do leave a lot of my journey and outdoor character photos in their hands. we acquire about $150 a month with them for now, that doesn’t sound like a lot. However, they have finished some high-profiles sales for me. For example, we was a credentials for Bing. we adore TandemStock, and we wish they start to grow a bit.

#3: Client-Direct Sales

This is my biggest source of income these days. we have one association that has me on servant for $1,000 a month for a year. They get a collect of a integrate images any month that they’ll use for amicable media and selling purposes. They have a specific character of picture that they want, so we spend a good partial of my time perplexing to emanate those images for them.

Aside from my largest client, we have a series of other clients that hit me directly for picture sales and print usage. However, these have been few and distant between in 2015 so far, so let’s usually contend we warranted $1,000 a month, nonetheless there were some other sales in there.

#4: Leveraging Social Media Followings

For improved or for worse, a wealthiest transport photographers in a universe these days are not indispensably a best photographers, nonetheless a ones who are a best during selling themselves. Brands, tourism boards, restaurants, and hotel bondage are constantly opposed for big-name photographers to use their gear, revisit their destinations, eat their food, and stay during their hotels.

Of course, there is a lot of income in it for a bigger names. In fact, some of a vast Instagrammers can fundamentally acquire a vital on leveraging their following alone. Believe me, I’ve seen a day rates some of these Instagram and YouTube stars assign and let’s usually contend they should be means to equivocate vital underneath bridges.

For people like me who have a sincerely medium amicable media following — 44k on Facebook, 53k on Twitter, and 22k on Instagram — earning income like this isn’t something we concentration or rest on. Still, assignments like this come around from time to time.

In 2014, we worked with a vital automobile brand, a let automobile company, and a integrate tourism boards. So far, in 2015, we haven’t worked with anyone, nonetheless it’s mostly given I’ve been off doing my possess thing. There’s a change here between going where we wish and where a income is. Unfortunately for a weight of my wallet, I’ve always usually left where we wish and usually take on clients like this if it’s convenient.

#5: Blogging

Pre-2014, blogging was my categorical source of income. we finished income on my blog around promotion and leveraging my audience. However, in 2014 many of this tide of income crashed for me notwithstanding my trade levels rising significantly. Still, while a blog doesn’t unequivocally make many income any more, a assembly we get on my transport photography blog (which draws around 1,400 singular visitors any day) guides readers to other streams of income.

For example, a product examination we did in Dec of 2014 led people to a product on Amazon around an associate link. That product sole intensely well, and people also bought other things good they were shopping. That associate integrate warranted me a flattering penny. Of course, that’s not always sustainable. In Jan and Feb we warranted $300 and $400 respectively from associate sales. In March, we usually warranted $50.

I also still acquire about $200 a month from advertising. So, let’s contend $300 a month.

#6: YouTube

YouTube is an income source I’ve been pulling for a while. we started regulating YouTube over 2 years ago in Africa when we embarked on my epic scooter float from Bamako to Cape Town. However, we fast schooled that YouTubers wish to learn things, not see some dude on a $600 scooter onslaught by a Congo.

Less than a year ago we started a transport photography channel with tips, lessons, reviews, and lots of “on location” videos. It has been many some-more renouned and a channel now has over 5,000 subscribers, 375,000 lifetime views, and earns about $125 a month.

#7: Teaching

I consider that there are some-more people wanting to learn photography than there are people that wish to buy images. And for that reason, training has turn a vital source of income for a vast series of photographers. In fact, some of a world’s tip earning photographers aren’t always a many talented, nonetheless a ones who can learn effectively. Lots of photographers sell books, video tutorials, and horde workshops to assistance addition their income.

I have started to do a same. In fact, my transport photography seminar in Peru is sole out and runs subsequent month. I’ve got a second one for 14 days around Peru and Bolivia in July with spaces available.

However, we haven’t nonetheless warranted any income from training in 2015, but, as we mentioned, it can be a decent source of income for transport photographers who have an assembly and like training a trade.

#8: Freelance Travel Writing

My work as a freelance transport author has remained arrange of a fill-in source of income for me given relocating into a photography world. we unequivocally usually do it when we feel like income is parsimonious — so, yeah, we fundamentally do it any month. Most of a transport essay clients these days are online, and they don’t compensate like they used to. Still, we make adequate in essay to assistance compensate some of a bills. I’ve averaged about $400 a month so distant in 2015 by freelance writing.

#9: Saving is Earning

When we travel, saving income is mostly a accurate same as earning. Quite often, exchanging a integrate images with a hotel for a giveaway room or a debate association for a giveaway debate is totally value it. In fact, when we was in Southern Africa, we did this a lot. Safaris are expensive, so I’d emanate a integrate images for a association to use for their selling functions in sell for a giveaway safari. It unequivocally is win-win.

So, How Much Are You Making???

Doing some discerning math tells we that I’ve warranted about $2,325 a month as a transport photographer in 2015. we consider that series is a bit safe, however, and is substantially closer to $2,600.

Yes, we know that’s a sincerely scanty living. Especially when spending $2,000 of it a month. But, how many people can contend that they get to transport any day of their lives? Sure, I’d adore to be creation more, nonetheless we have no complaints. On a daily basis, we get to see places and do things that people spend their lives saving to enjoy. we wouldn’t trade my career for anything during this point.


The law about transport photography in 2015 is that a peculiarity of a images constructed is mostly reduction critical than a chairman that shot a images. You could say, and many people do say, that a transport photography universe has been sole out to a tip bidder. Many of a world’s tip transport photographers are no prolonged exploring, no longer acid for new and sparkling places to shoot, nonetheless going where a income is. As such, many “travel photographers” have now turn “corporate/marketing photographers”.

But, can we censure them? The photography universe has altered significantly in a past 5-10 years. The bonds are now filled with photos from any dilemma of a Earth that magazines and newspapers can pull from. Travel photographers, in their normal form, are apropos expendable.

Despite that prior statement, we do trust that a transport photography village is stronger than it has ever been. Yes, normal forms of income-generation are dying, nonetheless a elaborating universe has non-stop adult a thousand opposite doors for those peaceful to take a risks to make it in a industry. And, yes, there is a lot of foe out there in a transport photography world, nonetheless a village is clever and a volume of intercourse rather than jealousy in a business positively floors me scarcely any day.

So, if there’s any end to this essay it should be one of hope. No, we don’t have to be a best photographer in a universe to make it in 2015: we usually have to be a bravest and a hardest working. Anyone peaceful to take a risks and work their butts off can make it as a transport photographer in 2015.

I left home in 2009 with $500 to my name, a indicate and fire camera, and a enterprise to spend a rest of my life exploring a planet. Looking back, we was over naïve. However, but that naivety, we would have never finished a initial step towards chasing my dreams. Today, we onslaught to get by. In a heart beat, my income streams could all dry up. But we don’t worry anymore, we usually take cinema and adore any notation of it.

About a author: Brendan outpost Son is a transport photographer formed nowhere and venturing everywhere. You can bond with him by his website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Article source: http://petapixel.com/2015/04/20/how-i-make-money-as-a-travel-photographer-in-2015/

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