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How low should we concede your sodium intake to go?

Q. we was feeling awful for several weeks and went to see my doctor. He had no thought because we felt so terrible.

Eventually, we couldn’t take it anymore and went to a ER. There we was put by a lot of tests. The alloy found we was low in sodium and pronounced we should supplement salt to my diet. we was astounded and pronounced my primary-care alloy had told me to shorten my salt intake to assistance control my high blood pressure.

I followed a ER doctor’s recommendation and started putting salt in my food. Before long, we felt better. Am we creation my hypertension worse?

A. Most doctors advise slicing salt to revoke blood vigour and a risk of cadence or heart attack. The American Heart Association recommends that people should “reduce a volume of sodium in their diet to reduction than 1,500 mg a day.”

That aim is severe and would need expelling prepared foods, as good as a saltshaker. But it might be extreme. An investigate of investigate in a American Journal of Hypertension (September 2014) found both unequivocally low salt expenditure and unequivocally high sodium intake compared with an increasing mankind risk.

When sodium levels tumble too low, a condition is called hyponatremia. Symptoms might embody fatigue, lethargy, confusion, nausea, headache and memory problems, as good as flesh cramps, debility or spasms.

Diuretics, certain blood-pressure medications, acid-suppressing drugs, some antidepressants and seizure drugs might boost a risk for this critical problem, so sodium levels should be totalled periodically. You will need to guard your blood vigour to tell either adding salt to food has a disastrous impact.

Q. we am holding gin-soaked raisins for arthritis in my right hand, and it is operative unequivocally well. Is there any communication with my meds: hydrochlorothiazide, simvastatin, terazosin and finasteride? we have been doing a gin/raisins for a month or two, and a service has been fabulous.

A. We doubt there is an communication between your drugs and a gin-soaked raisins we are using. As prolonged as we hang to a endorsed sip of 9 raisins a day, we are removing about one dump of alcohol.

On a other hand, there has been no investigate on this topic, so we might have to be observant on how your physique is responding.

Q. we review a lot about a dangers of high blood pressure, though cave is abnormally low. Is that a problem?

A. If your blood vigour is naturally low, there might be no problem, generally if we don’t have symptoms like nausea or lightheadedness.

People with cognitive dysfunction who take blood-pressure medicine are during aloft risk for insanity if their treated blood vigour goes too low, with systolic vigour underneath 128 (JAMA Internal Medicine online, Mar 2, 2015).

In a associated commentary, Dutch gerontologists advise that a aged thought that reduce is always improved needs to be re-examined. Optimal blood vigour in comparison people might be a bit aloft than a common aim of 120/80.

Article source: http://www.seattletimes.com/life/wellness/how-low-should-sodium-go/

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