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How Much Americans Know About a News by Age, Education and Politics

Before we review this post, take a Pew Research Center News IQ quiz.

How many do we know about stream events? That competence count on your age, preparation and even domestic party, according to a new Pew Research Center study. The consult was conducted Sep 25-28 among 1,002 adults and had consult takers mention their age, turn of preparation and domestic affiliation.

On average, consult takers got 5 out of a 12 questions correct. On 9 of a questions, reduction than half of people got a scold answer. Most (73%) were wakeful that a sovereign smallest salary is $7.25 an hour. Only 1/5 knew that a share of Americans who now live during or next a misery line is 15%.

In a charts next we can see how age, preparation and domestic connection influenced believe of these stream events.

Young people—probably since they’re expected to be paid smallest wage—were many expected to be wakeful of a sovereign smallest wage.

Across a board, people who graduated college did improved on a ask than those who usually attended high school. They were some-more expected than people with reduction preparation to know that Common Core has to do with a customary curriculum.

Republicans in general, did improved on this ask than Democrats, yet Democrats were some-more expected to know what share of a race is next a misery line and that Liberia gifted an Ebola outbreak.

Article source: http://blogs.wsj.com/numbers/how-much-americans-know-about-the-news-by-age-education-and-politics-1798/

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