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How to Be a Million Dollar Travel Blogger

Basically a organisation of 3 transport blogger’s rarely successful and come from opposite angles.

We fundamentally package ourselves to companies, destinations, transport apps and all to do with travel.

Basically a 341. we assign a monthly servant or agreement work and fundamentally transport companies and compensate for services.

What do we do relate what do we indeed do?

You go and examination a location?

Hotel, experience?

What we do is customizable programs.

Basically a multimedia platform.

We do logs, amicable media, open vocalization events.

Basically whatever a customer is looking for.

Television, radio.

It could be fundamentally anything.

We talked to a customer and find out what they’re looking for an customize a debate and module formed on their needs.

We work with tourism australia.

We work with and after and a garland of other destinations.

We’ve fundamentally listen to what they are looking for and pattern a debate around that.

We competence revisit any thing as a end or we will examination an app or provide it or facebook is.

We do all overtly formed on a possess experience.

We do not pledge opinions.

We do pledge deliverables.

If they ask we to put together a site and turns out what we are anticipating it’s not great, we will tell people it was not great?

100% since it is a reputations on a line.

Travel blogging is such a cutthroat universe since there is so many.

That was fundamentally a whole procedure of a transport trifecta.

Comparing a cost contra promotion and a transport magazine?

That is fundamentally where it hatched from.

If we will take a full-page ad, it will cost we $100,000 for one advertisement, one month and a lot of times people only chuck it out.

My thought was fundamentally lengthen that over 3, 6, 9 and 12 month time for a same volume of dollars though gripping it in front of people’s eyes for a prolonged time.

We can go roving with you,

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