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How to get a many out of a new Snapchat update

Snapchat usually got a outrageous update.

The latest chronicle of a app, that rolled out to iOS and Android Tuesday, adds a apartment of new selfie tools, in-app purchases, a new Trophy box underline and more.

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With so many updates it can be tough to know where to start. We’ve found all a many critical facilities in a refurbish and a best tips and tricks to regulating them either your a Snapchat newbie or a hardcore energy user.

Animated selfies a.k.a ‘Lenses’

The biggest change to Snapchat is a further of “Lenses,” that concede we to supplement an array of special effects to photos taken with a front-facing camera. You can transparent a lenses by holding down on your face when a front-facing camera is open in a app.

From there, name a effects from a quarrel on a bottom and follow a instructions. The Lenses aren’t singular to still images either: You can record videos with a effects by holding down on a Lens (just like we would record a video by holding down a app’s shutter.)

There are 7 opposite effects right now, including a rainbow tongue and charcterised heart eyes, yet Snapchat says a Lenses will be updated regularly, with a new outcome being rotated in any day. If a effects demeanour familiar, it’s since they are powered by Looksery, a startup behind renouned print apps of a same name, that Mashable’s sources have reliable was acquired by Snapchat.

The effects seem to work best when you’re confronting a camera straight-on and we competence need to mislay eyeglasses for a best results. The Lenses seem to have some problem specifying between eyeglasses and eyeballs.

Friend emojis, explained

Though not accurately a new underline in itself, Snapchat’s refurbish also includes a beam to a app’s “friend emojis” system. If we remember, Snapchat introduced a friend emojis after removing a “best friends” feature.

Snapchat uses a emojis to report your Snapchat attribute with a people we sell messages with a most. But now, Snapchat creates it most easier to tell a disproportion between a yellow and red heart (Besties vs. BFFs)
and a smiling face and a smiling face with sunglasses (BFs vs. Mutual BFs).

Snapchat crony emoji

Image: Snapchat

The underline is dark in a app’s categorical settings menu, that can be found in a tip right dilemma of a app when we appropriate down from a camera. From there, conduct to Additional Services – Manage – Friend Emojis.

You can also use this menu to reset your crony emojis (in box you’re disturbed about someone snooping in your app) or customize that emoji are used for that friends. Simply name a emoji we wish to change and collect a new one.

Extra replays and a Trophy Case

Snapchat also combined a ability to transparent additional replays around an in-app purchase. You still get one giveaway replay per 24-hour period, yet we can get an additional 3 by profitable $0.99 or get 10 for $2.99 or 20 for $4.99. Even with a paid replays, we can still usually replay a snap one time so your replays contingency be used for apart messages.


Image: Snapchat

The Trophy Case is another witty underline combined in Tuesday’s update. Each “trophy” is a opposite emoji that represents a opposite achievement, such as reaching a certain measure or regulating a sold feature.

Snapchat Trophy

Image: Snapchat

Sending a video Snapchat, for example, unlocks a VHS fasten prize while regulating 5 or some-more coop colors in a singleSnap unlocks a lollipop. It’s not transparent what all a accessible trophies are (though during slightest one user has already started compiling a list) yet it’s expected Snapchat will also refurbish a trophies frequently in a future.

We competence even get some new trophies once iOS 9.1, that includes dozens of new emoji characters, becomes accessible after this year.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2015/09/15/snapchat-update-how-to/

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