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How to make your automobile final longer with Douglas Automotive

Properly maintained, your automobile can give we adult to 300,000 miles of good service. Not usually will it final longer, though a well-maintained automobile will cost we reduction to expostulate and fetch we a aloft resale value should we confirm to trade it in or sell it.

Your owner’s primer contains all a information we need to keep your automobile in tip using order. Read it, though in a meantime, here’s a brief checklist:

Always change a oil frequently (again, check your manual), as good as your atmosphere filter. It’s also critical to check all your car’s fluids, such as coolant, to strengthen your engine.

Check hoses, headlights, tail lights and all a other lights to make certain they’re in operative order. Also check your tires. Is a step wearing evenly? Is there adequate tread? Are your tires arrogant properly? Believe it or not these things impact not usually your reserve though also a life of your car.

Heed your car’s warning lights. If one lights up, don’t omit it in a wish it will go away. It won’t, and it’s perplexing to tell we that something is wrong.

Drive safely. Revving a engine and slamming on a brakes, speeding and holding hairpin turns not usually shortens a life of your vehicle, it’s dangerous – for we and others.

“Regular upkeep is what will keep your automobile going for a prolonged haul,” pronounced Doug McAllister, owners of Douglas Automotive, in Barrington and Crystal Lake.

The experts during Douglas Automotive can put your automobile on a unchanging upkeep report and keep it in tip using form to assistance we fist each mile probable out of your hard-earned investment.

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