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How You Can Watch a USA vs. Belgium Match during a Office


The misfortune thing about today’s do-or-die World Cup turn of 16 compare between a USA and Belgium is certainly a time.

It’s holding place during primary operative hours in many of a U.S., with a start time of 4 p.m. ET. That means millions of Americans are going to have to get artistic in how to watch while a trainer isn’t looking.

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1. Watch or listen online.

If your bureau allows wide-ranging use of a Internet, your initial stop should be ESPN.com. If we compensate for wire during home, we can record in with your wire information and watch a livestream. If not, we can still follow along with ESPN’s Gamecast, that is like a live blog with illustrations.

If a trainer walks by, switch to a ESPN Radio audio promote and listen along by headphones while we form into an Excel spreadsheet on your screen.

2. No computer? Head to your phone.

Slip your phone underneath your table and keep an eye on a diversion around an array of apps that will refurbish in genuine time: a central FIFA app or a ESPN app.

3. No Internet access? See if we can get content updates from a friend.

If you’re incompetent to record onto a Internet during your shift, see if we can arrange for a (reliable) crony to content we live updates during a game. Just remember to put your phone on silent.

4. Take a prolonged mangle and steep into a grill or bar with a diversion on.

Most bars and restaurants that have TVs will have a diversion on this afternoon, so ducking out to one competence be a best approach to locate a movement on a large shade (with other entertaining fans).

5. Don’t we have a doctor’s appointment?

If all else fails, and we have no phone or mechanism entrance and no lunch break, that aged stomach pain of yours might have to act up. Strep throat, a dentist appointment, and other deceptive maladies can also get we immune for a brief time. We’re not observant we should lie, though we should take caring of your health — nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

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