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Huawei’s flagship P8 smartphone is all about a camera

Huawei’s come a prolonged approach given it shook a ODM tag and started creation inclination for consumers, too. It’s now a fourth biggest smartphone manufacturer in a world, and in a past year, we’ve seen a association betray new phones big and small, as good as new wearables including an Android Wear smartwatch. Aside from a few special-edition variants, though, a Ascend P7 has remained Huawei’s flagship product for roughly a year, so it’s high time for a inheritor to take that mantle. Cue a Huawei P8 — no “Ascend” this time ’round — a company’s newest plume in a smartphone-shaped cap.

Huawei P8

If you’ve been gripping adult with a solid swell of leaks surrounding a device, we competence have held a glance of it already. For those saying it for a initial time today, though, it’s kind of suggestive of a iPhone 6, despite with squarer corners Huawei’s typically lustful of. It’s dressed in a full aluminum unibody that measures 6.4mm thick, with a slightly pillowed steel edge giving it a deceptive similarity to Apple’s latest blockbuster (though it’s ostensible to take impulse from a pattern of a good ol’ book, of all things). Four tone configs will be available: black, silver, grey and of course, gold. On a front of a handset is a 5.2-inch, 1080p display, presumably selected over a Quad HD row (the smart choice for new flagships these days) to keep costs down. The arrangement is fundamentally as “edge-to-edge” as they come, with frequency any bezel possibly side of it.

Huawei’s possess 64-bit, 2GHz octa-core Kirin 930 CPU throbs divided inside a handset, assimilated by 3GB of RAM, 16GB of inner storage (expandable around microSD), a 2,680mAh battery and space for dual 4G SIMs (one micro, one nano). For Huawei, one of a pivotal offered points of a P8 is a imaging prowess. The handset sports a 13-megapixel categorical camera with “best-in-class” visual picture stabilization and a dual-color heat peep that “mimics healthy illumination,” supposedly. According to a company, a P8 has a “world’s initial four-color RGBW sensor” interconnected with a DSLR-grade eccentric picture processor, both of that are pronounced to revoke print sound and urge low-light performance, picture contrariety and picturesque tone representation.

If a camera hardware sum don’t meant most to you, afterwards you’ll substantially be some-more meddlesome in what it can indeed do. Well, with a new “Light Painting” low-light mode, for example, we can take long-exposure shots that constraint a trail of relocating light sources. The “Director Mode” lets we constraint video from a P8′s camera and the lenses of adult to 3 other interconnected Android smartphones. A new selfie mode enhances a formula of pics from a 8-megapixel front-facing camera, too.

It competence not be a really voluptuous topic, though Huawei is also highlighting a P8′s dual-antenna design, that enables something a association is job “Signal+ technology.” This is pronounced to assistance a phone fast switch between dungeon towers, definition we should have a really low rate of forsaken calls when jumping between them mostly — if you’re on a train, for example. Signal+ also allows a phone to fast collect adult new networks while roaming.

The P8 has a integrate of neat program tricks built into EMUI 3.1, that sits on tip of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Double-tapping a knuckle on a shade takes a screenshot, for instance, while tracing a round allows we to stand a shade tip before saving. If you’ve unnoticed your P8, we can call out to it and it will respond with a summary and song if it hears you. In terms of accessories, a P8 comes with headphones that revoke breeze sound if we holding a hands-free call. Taking a root out of YotaPhone’s book, we can also buy an discretionary box that has a E-Ink shade built into a back.

The P8 comes in dual configurations, both of that launch in over 30 countries today, including most of Europe. Worldwide accessibility isn’t too distant in a future, however. The “standard” version, with 16GB of storage and grey or champagne tone options, retails for €499, or roughly $530. The “premium” version, that comes in black or gold, has 64GB of inner storage and sells for a aloft cost of €599, or around $635.

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