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"Hunger Games" inspires tough-girl toys

“Hunger Games” has turn a $1.6 billion-grossing franchise, and a studio, Lionsgate, is raised that a newest sequel, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1,” will move in $130 million to $150 million when it opens Friday. Now even a fondle companies are cashing in on a Katniss tough-girl trend, reports CBS News writer Lee Woodruff.

Jill Calderon, 11, and her friends have a “Hunger Games” club. They get together and act out a heated conflict scenes from their favorite book and film series.

“I adore Katniss’s flare, and how she’s always been kind of a — not a one to disaster with,” Calderon said.

Heroines like Hunger Games’ Katniss and Tris from a sci-fi strike “Divergent” are redefining what it means to play and quarrel like a girl.

“I adore a fad of them going by and vital that game, suffer how it’s her story and how she breaks by from that kind of society,” Calderon said.

The movies’ box bureau successes and importance on intrepid womanlike warriors have assured fondle companies like Hasbro to adjust to their elaborating aim audience.

“When we demeanour during a standard fondle aisle for boys we see a lot of accumulation options from movement total to construction,” Hasbro arch selling officer John A. Frascotti said. “Yet no one seemed to be charity this event for girls to play actively.

After dual years of research, including a assistance and discernment of 1,200 girls, Hasbro launched their Nerf Rebelle line of pinkish and purple bows and blasters final fall, promulgation their increase soaring.

Sales of a company’s girl-geared toys grew by 26 percent and reached a billion dollars in income for a initial time in a company’s history. Ten years ago, increase of their lady products surfaced out during only $300 million.

“I consider girls currently see no barriers to what’s accessible to them, either it’s in toys like these, or sports, or unequivocally opposite all aspects of a culture,” Frascotti said.

One mom told CBS News that toys like these can assistance learn her daughter life-lessons.

“I consider women don’t take as many risks since they’re not used to personification games where they destroy as a kid,” Amy Baxter said. “It’s a unequivocally good approach for a lady to comprehend we can have challenges, we can contest and we don’t win all a time and that’s fine.”

Shannon Eis, a fondle and play expert, pronounced that girls are ditching a studious princess of purpose playing

“We’re saying a elemental informative change in a approach girls wish to be viewed and how they’re going to act that out by play,” Eis said. “They’re prepared to be a hero.”

Despite a girl-power evolution, many indicate out that there’s still a divide, as a new toys and products for girls continue to breeze adult in a pinkish aisle.

“If it is pink, infrequently it feels some-more customized for them and either multitude has combined that or retailers have combined that, it feels like it’s a some-more welcoming knowledge for them,” Eis said.

But like her purpose indication Katniss, Calderon knows it’s not unequivocally about a weapon, it’s about a hint a diversion creates.

“I consider that many of a girls who will wish a bow, won’t be drawn to a pinkish one,” she said. “Most kids wish to be someone who’s clever and absolute and can be anything they want.”

Article source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hunger-games-craze-inspires-toys-for-tough-girl-trend/

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