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Husband of San Bernardino Shooting Victim Supports Apple in Legal Battle with FBI

The father of one of a San Bernardino sharpened victims has created a justice minute in support of Apple in a authorised scuffle with a Justice Department.

In a letter posted on Apple’s website on Thursday and addressed to U.S. Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym, Salihin Kondoker explained how his mother survived 3 gunshots that occurred on a day of a Dec attacks.

Kondoker wrote that he was undone with a miss of information supposing by a FBI during briefings with a victims and their families. He voiced disappointment during training that Apple


did not wish to approve with a justice sequence requiring a association to build tradition program to by-pass a encryption and confidence facilities on a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

The Justice Department has argued a tradition program would concede law coercion to some-more simply obtain information from a iPhone but a probability that a information could be erased around Apple’s confidence measures.

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After training some-more about a case, Kondoker pronounced he is now in preference of Apple and agrees with a tech hulk that “this program a supervision wants them to use will be used opposite millions of other trusting people.” Kondoker also pronounced he does not trust there is “any profitable information on this phone.”

From a letter:

Finally, and a reason for my minute to a court, we trust remoteness is vicious and Apple should stay organisation in their decision. Neither I, nor my wife, wish to lift a children in a universe where remoteness is a tradeoff for security. we trust this box will have a outrageous impact all over a world. You will have agencies entrance from all over a universe to get entrance to a program a FBI is seeking Apple for. It will be abused all over to view on trusting people.

The minute follows news reports in late Feb that several victims of a attacks were formulation to record a authorised brief in support of a sovereign government. A grave sovereign decider who is representing an undisclosed series of victims told Reuters that his clients wish some-more information on how a attacks occurred and because they were targeted.

For some-more on Apple and a FBI, check out a video:

A series of vast record companies are also publicly siding with Apple. Roughly 40 companies—including Facebook


, Microsoft


, and Google


—are approaching to record court briefs display support for Apple by a finish of Thursday.



also filed a justice request in preference of Apple, according to a USA Today report. The news pronounced that a telecommunications hulk wrote, “As a association committed to both, a vicious emanate to ATT is either those interests will be offset on an ad hoc basement by judges presiding over particular cases or by Congress providing a clear, uniform authorised horizon for all participants in a new digital economy.

Those companies join polite rights groups, such as a American Civil Liberties Union, and digital rights groups like a App Association, that have also filed justice letters in preference of Apple.

Story updated during 11:40 AM PST with some-more information on tech companies ancillary Apple

Article source: http://fortune.com/2016/03/03/husband-san-bernadino-shooting-apple-fbi/

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