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I Met My Travel Soulmate in Malaysia

Yahoo Travel profiles readers who came behind from a outing with a best commemoration ever — loyal love. Want to share your possess story? Email your story to traveleditors (at) yahoo (dot) com. 

Gia and John in Santorini. (Photo: Gia Kristel De Guia) 

Name: Gia Kristel De Guia and John Algie

Where: Singapore

When: 2013

Relationship Status: Dating

(As told to Brittany Jones-Cooper)

I’m creatively from a Philippines, though we was operative in Singapore as a polite engineer. we had a lot of unfamiliar friends in a city, so when we was invited to a party, we knew that we would substantially accommodate some new and engaging friends. Nevertheless, we never likely that we would accommodate a male who we would one day transport a universe with.

The celebration was flattering casual, so when we was introduced to John it wasn’t unequivocally anything special. There were no vital sparks, though we had a bit of a discuss where we schooled that he was from New Zealand was training in Singapore. However, before we split ways during a finish of a night, we exchanged Facebook form names.

After that, we started chatting on Facebook a lot and we unequivocally connected by a messages. we had arriving trips to Laos and Vietnam, and he was also traveling, so we common a passion for exploring opposite cultures. He told me to move him behind a commemoration from Vietnam (I bought him a sleeping bag!), and we done skeleton to hang out when we returned.

Visiting John’s home nation of New Zealand. (Photo: Gia Kristel De Guia) 

We met adult for a coffee, and after that we had a few dates. He was so opposite than any other male we had antiquated in a past. He is from New Zealand, so dating him was a new informative experience. He introduced me to new song and movies, and we had fun articulate about a roving adventures. Every time we hung out it felt like something new, and after 5 or 6 dates, we started to comprehend that we unequivocally favourite him.

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We continued to see any other, and in Sep (about 4 months after we met) we went on a initial outing as a integrate to Phuket, Thailand.  We stayed in southern Phuket, and it was a initial time we unequivocally got to see what he was like while traveling. we was starting to unequivocally tumble for him. 

In Jan. 2014, we took a unequivocally critical outing to a Maldives. By this time, we both satisfied that a attribute was something that we wanted to continue. The emanate was that John’s training pursuit was roughly over and he had designed to transport around a universe for a year. After talking, he invited me to go along with him, that was a service and also terrifying during a same time. we was blissful that he wanted me by his side, though we also felt nervous about quitting my pursuit and withdrawal a life we done in Singapore behind. Still uncertain of what we would do, we started to save a small money.

In a Maldives (Photo: Gia Kristel De Guia) 

At a finish of April, John’s pursuit was over, and he left for China. We knew that a stretch between us would be hard, though a subdivision was some-more formidable than possibly of us had predicted. After a month he came to revisit me in Singapore, and that’s when we motionless that we would make a jump and transport with him. 

But first, we done him guarantee that we would go to a Philippines and explain a conditions to my parents.

So in Jun we went to a Philippines in sequence for my relatives to accommodate a male we would be roving around a universe with. Needless to say, they weren’t unequivocally eager about my decision. In fact, they were mad that we wanted to leave my pursuit and confidence to go on such an adventure. But during a time we was 27, and we knew that if we didn’t  go, we never would. Plus, we saw a destiny with John and we wanted to see where things would lead.

On Sep 30, 2014 we strictly began a year of traveling, started a blog, and headed to Nepal. Our idea was to see a Himalayas, and they were some-more considerable than we had imagined.

The integrate during Chichen Itza. (Photo: Gia Kristel De Guia) 

After that we went to Europe — visiting Italy, Hungary, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

We visited Morocco for 2 weeks, before interlude by Thailand on a approach to New Zealand.

New Zealand was an extraordinary revisit since we had a event to see where John was from and  meet his friends and family. After a unequivocally good 3 weeks, we flew to Hawaii before spending a few days in Las Vegas.

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Up subsequent was Mexico, that we loved! From there we trafficked by train to Guatemala, El Salvador, and  Nicaragua. Then we hopped on a vessel in Costa Rica and sailed past a San Blas Islands to Panama. Soon adequate we were off to Colombia and Ecuador.

We are now in Peru, and devise to revisit Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina before streamer to Hong Kong where we will transition behind into a operative lives.

Standing in front of Machu Picchu in Peru. (Photo: Gia Kristel De Guia) 

For us, roving together for over a year has taught us how critical it is to accept a chairman for who they are instead of perplexing to change them. We’ve schooled how to pull any other buttons, and we’ve blending to a other person’s habits and quirks.

Most importantly we’ve schooled how critical it is to be eccentric from any other and contingent on any other.

Our wish is to one day shortly buy a guest residence in a Philippines nearby a beach. 

That way, even when we settle behind into a routine, we’ll always have a place to getaway.

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