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If oil can’t convene on good news…

Oil shrugs off speak of an OPEC meeting

The spin on a speak from a Nigerian oil apportion about an puncture OPEC meeting is that it’s doubtful to hint any kind of genuine change since a Arab countries — generally Saudi Arabia — aren’t meddlesome in slicing production.

That competence eventually infer loyal though if a assembly were indeed called, and it seems possible. There are risks, and those are all bullish.

To me, no matter how we spin it, this story is during slightest somewhat bullish and nonetheless oil can’t means any kind of a rally. To me, when a marketplace can’t convene on good news, that’s a ultimate bearish signal. And the techs are observant a same thing.

Article source: http://www.forexlive.com/!/if-oil-cant-rally-on-good-news-20150224

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