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Illinois Teen Charged With Trying to Travel to Mideast to Join ISIS

A 19-year-old Illinois male was charged Monday with a terrorism-related offense for allegedly perplexing to join ISIS in a conflict to carve out an Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Authorities pronounced Mohammed Hamzah Khan of a Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook was arrested Saturday during O’Hare International Airport as he waited to house a moody to Vienna. From there, he dictated to fly to Istanbul, Turkey, and afterwards make his approach into Syria or Iraq to quarrel for ISIS, they said.

Khan was charged Monday in a sovereign rapist censure with attempting to yield element support to a unfamiliar militant organization. He seemed quickly in probity and was systematic to sojourn in control tentative a apprehension conference on Thursday.

According to an confirmation filed in sovereign court, Khan purchased a round-trip sheet on Sep. 26 to transport from Chicago to Istanbul, intending to skip on Saturday and lapse on Thursday.

After watching Khan pass by a airfield confidence checkpoint on Saturday afternoon, sovereign agents searched his home and recovered handwritten papers expressing support for ISIS and jihad and surveying his transport plans. One of a items, according to a affidavit, was a minute explaining his transport to his parents.

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“First and foremost, greatfully make certain to not tell a authorities for if this were to occur it will jeopardise not usually a reserve of us though a family as well,” a minute read, according to a affidavit.

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The minute review there was an requirement to “migrate” to a “Islamic state” now that it has “been established.”


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According to a affidavit, Khan also was dissapoint that he was thankful to compensate taxes that would be used to kill his “Muslim brothers and sisters.”

If convicted, Khan faces a limit chastisement of 15 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

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Khan is a 13th American indicted of fasten or perplexing to join a radical Islamic groups ISIS and a al-Nusra Front, an al Qaeda affiliate. Both groups are fighting a Syrian supervision of Bashar Assad, while ISIS also is attempting to urge a self-declared caliphate opposite Iraqi forces.

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/illinois-teen-charged-trying-travel-mideast-join-isis-n219511

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