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Image: Florida State Coaches Award Helmet Sticker To Tallahassee Police Officer

Florida State, an mutinous football conglomeration handling out of a Florida panhandle’s hinterlands, and a hurtful rope of jersey-chasing bumbledink lawboys, colloquially known as a Tallahassee Police Department, were unprotected for another goofus this past week.

At around 2:30 AM on Sunday Oct 5th, Florida State starting cornerback P.J. Williams gathering his automobile into a trail of a automobile belonging to a #teen who had usually clocked off what is expected a seventh round of Hell, a Tallahassee-area Oliver Garden. Both cars were totaled in a incident.

Williams, who was with dual other men, including FSU’s other starting cornerback, Ronald Darby, got out and ran into a night. According to the New York Times, Williams eventually returned to a scene, though his seriousness went untested (and remember, this is during a early Sunday morning after a demolishing of cupcake Wake Forest) as he was eventually released dual tickets.

Of course, a Tallahassee Police Department afterwards reached out to a Florida State University military and jaunty department. But, by a subsequent day it was as if a strike and run “never happened.” Their president, John Thrasher, has given went all-in, declaring nothing was wrong with any of it.

But this incident, compounded with the bootleg Keystone Cop investigation into allegations Jameis Winston intimately assaulted a woman; running behind Karlos Williams retaining his freedom notwithstanding substantial evidence he kick a profound woman; who knows what else that was successfully scrubbed from a annals of history, and it’s apparent to anybody who doesn’t go to #FSUTwitter as to what’s transpiring in Tallahassee.

So, prolonged story short, that’s because it took me a notation to comprehend a above picture was joke from a always-brilliant The Onion. The usually doubt we have is that favourite in a Tallahassee Police Department deserves a tomahawk.

Article source: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/college-football/2014/11/43809/image-florida-state-coaches-award-helmet-sticker-to-tallahassee-police-officer

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