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In 1992, Martin Milner reflected on ‘Adam-12,’ ‘Route 66′

Martin Milner, who died Sunday dusk during a age of 83, had an heterogeneous career that began in 1947 with a classical film “Life With Father.” He costarred in a acclaimed 1957 play “Sweet Smell of Success” and achieved TV superstardom with George Maharis in CBS’ 1960-64 play array “Route 66″ and in NBC’s 1968-75 military procedural play “Adam-12.”  Milner chatted with a L.A. Times’ Susan King in 1992 when he was guest starring in a ABC play “Life Goes On” as a revolutionary book store owner.

Martin Milner dies during 83; 'Adam-12' and 'Route 66' star

Serious male Martin Milner is vouchsafing his hair down for his latest purpose as Harris, a revolutionary bookshop owners on a ABC array “Life Goes On.” Literally.

“My hair is median down my back,” Milner said, laughing. “I am not doing a subsequent 3 shows so we am removing my hair cut. My hair has taken on a life of a own.”

The maestro actor, who has seemed in such film classics as “Life With Father,” “The Sands of Iwo Jima” and “Sweet Smell of Success,” as good as a long-running 1960s TV array “Route 66″ and “Adam-12,” is enjoying his repeated purpose on “Life.”

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