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Infineon Throws Hat into Automotive Security Ring

MUNICH—When it comes to automotive electronics, Infineon is best famous for a energy devices. However, a association also is really active in worldly control logics and has poignant imagination for confidence supportive applications. EE Times Europe met Infineon’s Hans Adlkofer, clamp boss of Automotive Systems, during a ELIV automotive wiring association in Baden-Baden.

The new headlines of hackers holding control over a automobile by wireless connectors frightened automobile drivers and designers a same way. But a record to forestall such scenarios for a destiny is available, Adlkofer forked out. “Security is a matter of a architecture. OEMs have tackle this problem”, he said. The automobile in question—a Jeep Cherokee—did not even have a gateway to apart a infotainment complement form a safety-relevant components. While it is purposeless to assume over a reasons a OEM in doubt wanting such a separating element, for a pattern of real-world confidence solutions it is always required to keep cost and opening in mind, yet there are solutions available. The TPM (Trusted Platform Module), a hardware confidence device typically compared to PCs and servers, can simply be implemented in an automotive environment, Adlkofer said.

Infineon’s Aurix processor pattern already has a required confidence wiring on board, such as a cryptography coprocessor—in progressing versions a SHE (Secure Hardware Encryption) and now a HSM (Hardware Security Module). “This is not a elementary hardware accelerator, yet a apart entity”, he said. Currently these systems are used for instance to forestall bootleg manipulations of a engine characteristics, yet they could be used usually as good in information confidence applications. In this context a association can comprehend synergies from a Chip Card Security Division that in progressing times constantly was Infineon’s problem child in terms of profitability. This has changed, Adlkofer said, a EBIT conditions of this multiplication as softened significantly. The synergies with automotive confidence however are “just during a beginning”.

In ubiquitous Infineon believes it has a confidence record for a automotive industry, Adlkofer said. “The OEMs now have to act fast and adopt proven technology”, he added. While Infineon is not concerned directly into a pattern activities of OEMs and tier ones, a association is behaving consulting tasks. Based on a imagination in remuneration systems, chipcard confidence and automotive electronics, it can yield poignant contributions to a confidence discussion. Since, for instance, now all a interfaces are distributed opposite a vehicle, it is required to investigate any and each interface to a outward world, including tire vigour monitoring systems, OBD, CD drives, USB interfaces, Bluetooth, LTE, WiFi and automobile keys, Adlkofer explained.

Another prohibited subject for a automotive attention is program refurbish over a atmosphere (OTA). This underline would be a really poignant grant to a confidence and firmness of automotive software, he said. “Tesla gave a example”, he said. Though now no Infineon tools are used in Tesla’s executive electronic unit, “We have these solutions”. Security is not a usually motorist for OTA: “It enables cars to stay young”, Adlkofer said. “It creates certain a automobile always has a latest program releases on board. Plus, OTA can be an enabler for new business models”, he said.

Electromobility, yet it is holding longer than approaching to get going, stays a really earnest field. “While it stays to be seen if a Volkswagen event will spin out to be a super turbo for electromobility or usually a elementary accelerator, it is transparent that there will be a light transition to electric drives”, he said. Fuel cell-based drives offer fundamentally a same viewpoint as battery electric ones –“perhaps with opposite dimensioning”.

Adlkofer’s energy wiring unfolding for a electromobility future: “IGBT will continue to be a workhorse, SiC will gradually be phased in, Gallium Nitride will rather sojourn in a consumer domain.”

—Christoph Hammerschmidt covers automotive electronics and test measurement for EE Times Europe.

Article creatively posted on EE Times Europe, Oct. 21, 2015.

Article source: http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1328127

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