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Insane transport Kickstarters we need right now

  • Kickstarter / Air Umbrella

  • Kickstarter / Chair-Pak

  • Kickstarter / Collar Perfect

  • Kickstarter / neXstep Luggage

  • Kickstarter / SeatSnoozer

  • Kickstarter / OLAF scooters

  • Kickstarter / Hendo Hoverboards

  • Kickstarter / PRO DRYBAG 45L

  • Kickstarter / 50 years of Lost in Space; The Jupiter II

  • Kickstarter / The Pronto

These days, if we have an thought and a laptop, we can make anything happen.

Kickstarter is an online height where creators can post their strange projects and accept appropriation from backers around a world. Since Kickstarter’s launch in 2009, 7.3 million people have affianced $1 billion to account 72,000 artistic projects.

In a transport world, we are always looking for new gizmos and gadgets to make a subsequent outing easier. From a container that doubles as a scooter to a pint-sized iron we can fit in your purse, these are a Kickstarter projects we can’t wait to see on store shelves.

  • 1.nbspAir Umbrella

    Kickstarter / Air Umbrella

    The powerful is a smashing invention guaranteed to keep we dry on a stormy day. Unfortunately, one clever breeze of breeze can spin your powerful into a mangled, inside-out mess. That’s since we’re vehement to see a Air Umbrella in action. The battery-operated wand emits clever currents of atmosphere that repel a raindrops by formulating a force margin of sorts. The creators set a fundraising idea of $10,000, nonetheless people were so vehement about a origination that a inventors were means to lift some-more than $102,000! Even nonetheless a plan is funded, it will take about a year before it’s accessible to a masses. But seriously, how cold is this?

  • 2.nbspChair-Pak

    Kickstarter / Chair-Pak

    Packing for a day outdoor can be stressful. You have to be prepared for everything, yet, we have a singular volume of space. The Chair-Pak could change all of that. This full-size trek has padded shoulder straps, 4 apart compartments, a soothing cooler, tie loops, and an tractable seat. So not usually can this bag reason all of your things — nonetheless also we can lay on it! And if that wasn’t enough, certain versions of a bag are versed with solar panels so that we can assign all of your devices. Creator Les Ammann set a idea to lift $39,000, and unfortunately he lifted usually $14,673 by a deadline of a project’s final cycle on Kickstarter. Still, we’re anticipating he tries again, since we can see this bag apropos a large strike during campgrounds everywhere.

  • 3.nbspCollar Perfect

    Kickstarter / Collar Perfect

    We’ve all been there. You get dressed in a morning usually to comprehend that we have a integrate of wrinkles in your shirt. You don’t wish to take it off, start adult a iron, and hunt down a ironing board, so we go to work looking like a schlub. Enter Collar Perfect, a pint-sized ironing device designed for a wrinkle-prone inciter and shaker. All we do is block in a iron and use it for discerning touchups on your collars, pockets, breathe creases, and hemlines. It’s easy to container and can also be used as a required iron. The inventors have lifted $33,846 of their $40,000 goal, and with usually 16 days left, they competence be means to strike a mark. If they strech their Kickstarter goal, we can design to see Collar Perfect accessible for squeeze in Apr 2015.   

  • 4.nbspneXstep Luggage

    Kickstarter / neXstep Luggage

    Don’t we hatred removing to your embankment during a airfield usually to comprehend that all of a seats are taken? With neXstep luggage, you’ll always have a place to rest while we wait to house your plane. The hoop of this drum bag can be private and used as a chair or luggage rack. And it’s stronger than it looks. The neXstep is designed for limit fortitude and can support adult to 250 pounds. Creator Brian Gibson has set idea of $120,400 on Kickstarter. To date, he has lifted $7,820 with 25 days to go.

  • 5.nbspSeatSnoozer

    Kickstarter / SeatSnoozer

    Sick of descending defunct on planes with your conduct wobbling around like a bobblehead? It’s a pain in a neck, literally. Luckily, visit atmosphere travelers Bernie and Dirk have come adult with a SeatSnoozer. The unstable appliance is strapped around your forehead, and it keeps your conduct and neck in place while we sleep. It has a tail that works as an anchor, regulating your possess physique to keep we in a preferred position. The father/son group set a idea to lift $3,150, and they exceeded this by lifting $9,231. They’ve lined adult their U.S.-based manufacturer and are now set to start production, that means we competence see a SeatSnoozer on an arriving cross-country flight.

  • 6.nbspOlaf

    Kickstarter / OLAF scooters

    We’re always looking for a faster approach to zip by airports, and sadly those relocating walkways aren’t slicing it. The Olaf Business is a carry-on sized container with a scooter trustworthy to it. Designed to be lightweight and agile, a bag weighs 9 pounds, carries adult to 220 pounds, and facilities an extractable handle, back brake, and a intelligent folding mechanism. Olaf placed a zippy drum bags on Kickstarter anticipating to lift $30,000 to start production. The association doubled a idea and is now approaching to start shipping in Jan 2015.

  • 7.nbspHendo Hoverboard

    Kickstarter / Hendo Hoverboards

    Meet a new house that is guaranteed to make we a strike during a movement park.

    Silicon Valley tech organisation Arx Pax launched a $250,000 Kickstarter debate in hopes of appropriation prolongation of a real-life hoverboard, that they call Hendo. We’re not certain if it works, nonetheless a video is convincing. Arx Pax says that captivating margin design (MFA) transmits electromagnetic appetite well adequate to make this floating house possible. We’re not certain what that means, nonetheless it looks cool, and we wish one. And it looks like we competence get a shot. The Hendo has already exceeded a goal, lifting $375,000 with 47 days to go.

  • 8.nbspPro Drybag

    Kickstarter / PRO DRYBAG 45L

    Extreme adventurers need impassioned rigging to take on their trips. And zero says durable some-more than this waterproof and shockproof duffle bag from Subtech Sports. The bag has ergonomically propitious straps and a pressure-tested zipper, and it is done of impassioned TPU material. From laptops to costly cameras, anything inside of this bag will stay protected and dry — no matter where we are. Subtech Sports launched a $15,000 AUD Kickstarter Campaign and has already lifted scarcely $24,000 AUD with 50 days to go.

  • 9.nbspFlying Saucer

    Kickstarter / 50 years of Lost in Space; The Jupiter II

    This one is a small out of this world, nonetheless we would really like to see this drifting by a skies one day. Tom Wilmoth from Howell, Mich., has launched a Kickstarter debate in hopes of lifting $75,000 to build a full-sized Jupiter II drifting urn like a one used in a TV uncover Lost in Space. The boat would have a 50-foot hole with retractable alighting gear, full engine sounds, and moody capability. So far, Howell has usually lifted $85 bucks, nonetheless with 7 days left to go, anything could happen.

  • 10.nbspPronto 5 Battery Charger

    Kickstarter / The Pronto

    You can’t travel by an airfield though saying travelers hovering nearby energy outlets charging their phones. The people during Power Practical took note and have denounced what they call a fastest charging unstable battery pack. How quick is it? The association says that a Pronto 5 will entirely assign your iPhone in usually 15 minutes. Even better, a Pronto can reason 3 charges! We can’t wait to see this thing in action, and apparently we’re not alone. Power Practical set a idea of $50,000, nonetheless with 7 days to go, it has some-more than $300,000 affianced to a project. Expect to see a Pronto 5 in an airfield nearby we starting in Mar 2015.

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