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Intel Compute Stick and a Google Chromebit go conduct to head

Competition to spin any shade into a mechanism is heating adult with announcements from both Google and Intel about any company’s possess USB-sized mini PC.

Hot on a heels of Google’s announcement of a Chromebit, that runs Chrome OS, Intel done its Compute Stick accessible for preorder on certain online retailers including Newegg, with one using Windows 8.1, and a cheaper chronicle reportedly running Ubuntu 14.04.

Intel Compute Stick and a Google Chromebit

At a discerning glance, with a cost tab of “less than $100″ it seems that Google’s pricing plan will continue with a Chromebit and might expostulate serve adoption of a Chrome OS devices.

However, a Compute Stick’s Windows choice could be an easier transition for business already informed with a OS, and there are also opposing reports on either a Ubuntu chronicle will be roughly $110 or cheaper during $89 though with usually 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

Here are a specs:

It stays to be seen what applications these inclination will have.  For now, media streaming inclination with identical form factors are inexpensive and increasingly available, and include Google’s Chromecast, a Firefox OS-based MatchStick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and a Roku Stick.

Article source: http://www.computerdealernews.com/news/intel-compute-stick-and-the-google-chromebit-go-head-to-head/41183

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