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iPad Mini 3/iPad Air 2: Apple Releasing New Smart Covers and Cases, Prices …

Apple has suggested a iPad Mini 3, that has a Touch ID sensor. However, a processor is an comparison model. Likewise, Apple introduced a iPad Air 2 during their eventuality in Cupertino progressing this month. Most tech companies with mobile inclination have started releasing their latest models in Oct to be in time for a holidays. There are some-more that will be expelled subsequent month.

According to Mac Rumors, a latest news is that Apple is introducing new Smart Covers and Smart Cases for these dual devices. The other good news is that a iPad Air Smart Cover will also work with iPad Air 2 as good as with a iPad Air. It is accessible for $39 and comes in a enamel element in several colors: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, white and black. Currently, it is accessible to boat within one to 3 days.

The iPad Mini Smart Cover is sole for a same cost and is accessible in a same colors as a iPad Air Smart Cover. It will work easily with all of a 3 7.9-inch iPad Minis accessible in a marketplace right now. Shipping time is also a same, according to Apple.

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Since a iPad Air 2 is thinner, a association has also updated a Smart Case for this unit. With a accessibility of a second microphone and a opposite pattern of the rotation/mute toggle switch, a intelligent box will usually work with a iPad Air 2, that carries a cost tab of $79. It comes in soothing pink, olive brown, midnight blue, red and black leather. The Smart Case is not nonetheless available.

The Smart Case for a iPad Mini will be offered during $69. The product is already accessible for shipping in one to 3 days. It is also in leather and has identical tone options to a iPad Air 2 Smart Case.



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