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iPhone still best offered smartphone in U.S., Android still aristocrat of platforms


Apple still reigns as a tip smartphone manufacturer while Android continues as a tip mobile height in a United States Smartphone Subscriber Market share.
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A new ComScore news showed that Apple once again is a tip smartphone maker. The Cupertino company’s share for final May reached 41.9 percent with a 0.6 boost compared to a total final February.

Meanwhile, Google’s Android is still a tip mobile height with 52.1 percent share of a market. The tip smartphone app on both iOS and Android is Facebook.

The series of smartphone owners in a United States is adult by 4 percent. It reached 169 million, that is 70 percent of all a mobile marketplace in a country. 

Apple is still a No. 1 OEM though is followed by Samsung with 27.8% shared. LG comes in third with usually 6.5 percent, Motorola gaining tighten with 6.3%, and HTC during fifth place with 5.1 percent

When it comes to height marketplace share, Android is apparently still king. Apple’s iOS still trails behind with 41.3% share. At a bottom are Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Symbian with usually 3.4%, 2.3%, and 0.1 percent.

Looking during a smartphone apps of those 18 years aged and above, Facebook is still a No.1 mobile app with a vast 76.4% share.

Google grown many of a apps in a Top 15 list: Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google+.

The Pandora Mobile App is Top 5 while another audio-related app, iTunes Radio, is Top 15.

Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, is No. 8 with 32 percent share. Yahoo Stocks, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Weather Widget, Apple Maps, and Twitter route behind.

Based on a ComScore report, not most have altered in numbers solely for Apple who increasing to 42% share of a market.

The numbers for Apple, Samsung, and Android are not surprising.  

Windows Phone share stayed a same. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, a share continued to slip down to usually 2.3 percent.

It would be engaging to hear what BlackBerry CEO John Chen would contend about this news. He was assured that increase would spin around dual years from now though looks like a numbers are going down fast. Reportedly, Blackberry’s bureau in Germany sole a investigate and growth laboratory to Volkswagen Interactive. As a result, 200 BlackBerry employees were eliminated to work during a latter.

Article source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/9735/20140707/iphone-still-best-selling-smartphone-in-u-s-android-still-king-of-platforms.htm

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