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Iran’s Judiciary Chief Blasts US for Double-Standard Behavior in Iraq

“These countries call themselves as advocates of tellurian rights, though they have brought tellurian rights to a slaughterhouse, how can one trust that a Americans are advocates of tellurian rights while they support a terrorists,” Amoil Larijani said, addressing high-ranking law officials in Tehran on Wednesday.

He pronounced that a US and Israel that are dissatisfied with a approved elections recently hold in Iraq and Syria are now happy with a militant operations function in a dual countries, that explains their double-standard policies on terrorism.

Amoli Larijani underlined that a events in a Middle-East prove that a West doesn’t caring for tellurian rights and democracy during all.

In applicable remarks, Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Fath-Ali uttered antithesis to Washington’s division in Iraq, and pronounced a US is attempting to change a formula of a new elections in Iraq regulating militant groups like a Islamic State of Iraq and a Levant (ISIL).

“We are opposite to any unfamiliar meddling, specifically a US, in Iraq,” Fath-Ali pronounced in an talk with a Lebanese daily al-Safir on Tuesday.

“They are perplexing to change a formula of a new elections in Iraq and this will advantage a Zionist enemy,” he added.

Fath-Ali underlined that Iran supports anyone in Iraq who is inaugurated by a people in a giveaway and healthy atmosphere.

Many other informal and Iranian officials have also warned of enemies’ plots opposite a Muslim nations, specifically Iraq.

On Friday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani called on a Muslim nations to keep observant opposite a plots hatched by a enemies to separate and break them.

“The abandon of assault and extremism are flaring opposite a Muslim world, and stupidity and extremism have privileged a approach for a fulfilment of a longtime tract of a enemies of Islam in sowing conflict and causing narrow-minded and genealogical strife,” President Rouhani pronounced in a message.

His summary was addressed to a Muslim heads of state and governments in a run-up to a holy fasting month of Ramadan, that started in Islamic countries on Saturday or Sunday.





Article source: http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13930411001218

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