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Is This a Best Travel Tote of All Time?

Finally! A bag that looks no worse for a wear. (Photo: FashionABLE)

I should not have good things. This is a refrain my mom has told me over and over again due to a fact that we have a bent to destroy any costly and grand thing we have ever owned. I’ve never hung a purse scrupulously adult on a hook. we put things on a belligerent that should never reason dirt. Cookies mostly find a approach to pulp in my bag and one time we got resin all over a bottom of a pleasing Mulberry Bayswater. 

I also tend to lift a lot of things with me in a carry-on bag, perplexing to fit my whole life into one select tote. And even nonetheless we know that it is some-more unsentimental we still trust that regulating a trek as a carry-on is for quitters. 

I recently got my hands on the Mamuye Tote from FashionABLE and we have depressed in adore with it. Not usually is this leather shoulder receptacle roomy, though it looks improved a worse we provide it!

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The bag itself is spacious, sturdy, and can reason all of a absurd things we insist on carrying. And when we get it unwashed or soppy or lonesome in crumbs it only has combined character. 

Road contrast a receptacle on a wander around a Eiffel Tower in Paris. (Photo: Goncalo Silva/Flytographer)

The cold thing is that a story behind it is equally as compelling. FashionABLE employs women who have overcome a accumulation of hardships, trimming from harlotry to obsession to homelessness to a ubiquitous miss of opportunity.  Globally, they work with women in Ethiopia and Kenya to emanate their beautiful leather products (like my new dear bag) and woven products like scarves, blankets, and tea towels.  Locally, they occupy women in Nashville, TN, to hand-make their endless jewelry collection.

The bag has turn a favorite of celebs like Julianne HoughMinka Kelly and Olivia Wilde

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In a past 4 months I’ve taken a bag on 10 planes to Paris, Aspen, Sun Valley Idaho, Cannes and Milwaukee. Very opposite places to be sure, though it fit right in during any locality from a really imagination celebration with a President of France to a sleet polo contest in Aspen (it’s a thing!) to a dive bar in a Midwest. 

The Mamuye absolutely fits my computer, my wallet, my yoga pants, dual hardcover books, my passport, a bag of snacks and my makeup case. This is a receptacle unresolved out in a South of France during a Intercontinental. (Photo: Jo Piazza)

The association also has some tiny leather equipment that we will be adding to my collection before my subsequent trip, like this passport wallet and this luggage tag

If we haven’t gotten a holiday benefaction from me nonetheless afterwards it’s substantially still in a mail. Yes, now we all know what we got we this year. You’re acquire and don’t worry about removing it dirty.

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