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Is this a year Kansas finally loses a Big 12?

Kansas has won a Big 12 for 10 uninterrupted years, a remarkable, underrated run of college basketball leverage in one of a to 3 conferences in a country. But after nonetheless another highway detriment on Monday night, this time to Kansas State, a Jayhawks find themselves in an unknown positing: sticking on for dear life in a Big 12 competition with Iowa State prohibited on their heels. How will a final two weeks shake out?

The remaining schedule

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To be fair, Kansas still controls a possess destiny. At 11-4, KU has 3 some-more games left in conference, all of that come opposite teams ranked in Ken Pomeroy’s tip 25. Going by a kenpom ratings, Kansas is approaching to win dual of those games (home vs. No. 21 Texas and home vs. No. 23 West Virginia) though drop its final diversion of a year during No. 9 Oklahoma. That’d be good for a 13-5 mark, Kansas’s misfortune in a 4 seasons given a Big 12 changed to an 18-game schedule. An doubtful win-out unfolding would leave Kansas during 14-4.

The problem for KU is that Iowa State also controls a possess destiny. Fred Hoiberg’s Cyclones are 10-4 and entrance off wins over West Virginia, Oklahoma St. and Texas. They have four games left: vs. Baylor, @ Kansas State, vs. Oklahoma and @TCU. Kenpom.com has Iowa State as slight favorites in each game, though total during slightest one loss, that would give them a 13-5 symbol overall. Winning out gets ISU to 14-4 also.

A tie is as good as a win when it comes to fluctuating KU’s streak, that dates behind to 2004-05, Self’s second deteriorate in Lawrence. Four times a Jayhawks have tied for a Big 12 regular-season title. They’ve won it undisguised 6 times, including, impressively, 5 of a past 6 years. So what happens in a rest of 2015?




• If Kansas wins out, a group will, during worst, tie for initial and extend a strain to 11 years. That’s since Iowa State winning out would give a teams matching 14-4 discussion records.

• If Iowa State wins out and Kansas doesn’t, a Cyclones win a pretension and mangle a streak.

• If Iowa State goes 3-1 to close, it would tie a 13-5 Kansas group (finishing 2-1), though remove to a 14-4 Kansas group (finishing 3-0). Either approach a strain lives on, supposing ….

• … Kansas doesn’t go 1-2, that is some-more than a slight possibility. In that case, Iowa State wins a discussion undisguised with a 4-0 or 3-1 finish.

• Oklahoma (10-5) and West Virginia (9-5) are also unctuous adult on both teams and are radically only one diversion behind in a standings. With head-to-head matchups remaining, it’s probable possibly of those teams could tie for a title.


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Kansas gets it finished since Kansas always gets it done. After 400 difference of explanation, this is fundamentally what it comes down to: Kansas can’t remove a diversion if Iowa State wins out. If Iowa State doesn’t win out, afterwards 13-5 wins a discussion and Kansas gets there with a 2-1 record.

Expect disharmony in a final scurry to a finish — KU, ISU, OK and WVU in a scrum for a pretension — with Kansas once again holding a conduct above H2O prolonged adequate to come out on top, or tied for a top, generally given that KU is undefeated during home this deteriorate and has dual some-more home games left.

Rock, chalk, Jayhawk … again.

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(USA TODAY Sports Images)

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