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January 2015: ancestral month for a Automotive Industry in Mexico

January was a good month for a automotive industry: both exports and domestic car sales set new records.

Automotive prolongation for a month was adult 6.8%, though exports shot adult 15.2% to 204,907 vehicles, a initial time in story that Mexico has exported some-more than 200,000 vehicles in a month of January. The prior record, according to Eduardo Solís of a Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA), was 178,562 in 2013.

Vehicles done in Mexico represented 12.6% of those sole in a United States in January, Solís said, a marketplace share that is flourishing along with that of South Korea. Trending downwards are Japan and Germany.

Looking over north, another marketplace is also flourishing for Mexican production. “Canada is a marketplace that continues to surprise,” pronounced Solís: exports were adult 35.8% final month over a same month in 2014, for a sum of 29,966 vehicles.


The other vast news for a attention was a upswing in a domestic market, that has struggled for years due to a vast series of used imports flooding opposite a northern border, and singular entrance to financing.

Made in Mexico Chevrolet Aveo

Made in Mexico Chevrolet Aveo

New car sales soared 21.3% in Jan to 103,697 units, 7% some-more than expected, pronounced Guillermo Rosales of a Mexican Association of Automotive Dealers (AMDA), and a record for a month.


Better financing opportunities, supervision incentives, reduce prices and fewer used imports were obliged for a growth, pronounced a AMDA ubiquitous manager.

Those imports, vehicles that are frequently referred to as “chocolate” for a tone of their empty fumes, were down 29% for a sum of 455,372 units in 2014, a lowest series in 5 years. The dump came about due to tighter restrictions on permitting vehicles opposite a border, such as a rejecting of amparos, or injunctions, that had been awarded though justification to many importers.


The result, says AMDA, was a roughly unobstructed transformation of American vehicles that were mostly stolen or mechanically unsound.

AMDA has been a aim of some critique for a position on used car imports, though Rosales insists that a attention has never sought stable markets or sealed borders, usually a even focus of a law and that importers compensate a taxes they are compulsory to pay.

Leading a approach in new car sales final month were subcompacts, deliberate a marketplace personality in Mexico for their permitted prices. Sales were adult 35% in this sector, whose many renouned models are General Motors’ Aveo, a Volkswagen Vento and Nissan’s Tsuru and March.


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